Very sloow night

Thursday, October 1, 2009
Just to warn you guys, this post going to be no words, but photos of my card. The brain ain't giving me much words to write at this time. //Sowieee I created three cards in total.

This is the first card that I created for my lovely friend, Katrisha. This actually is the 3rd time that I made card for her. The first two cards gone missing during the post. We both have no idea where did go :(. Sorry for the major delay, hun :) Hope you like the little pumpkin.

2nd card: "Peace on eath"- 3 1/2"x 2 1/2" size

3rd card: "You are my greatest joy"
Obviously, the sentiment is not in 'straight' line. I missed out some words at first, so I tried to re-stamp it and it kinda failed. :(

That's all ladies. Good night, every loves! xoxo


katrisha said...

nawww... i dont know how to thank you for all the times you made me a card!!! i cant believe that all this time u still making them after the first one went missing in the post! you are so SWEET! im so touched! :D THANK U THANK U THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mwah xoxoxox

Michelle T. said...

Hope you will like sweetie! :)that's the joy of giving. Making people happy, isn't it? :)