after busy weeks

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 nice to sit down and make cards :) after my mum came and sis's friend stay over, I finally got time to take photos of them. I created three cards in total but one of the cards will be remain mystery because I have to wait till the receiver receive it. Hehe.. :)

Hopefully I will get to make more cards this week. I'll update over here and fb soon once I finish making them .. love heaps

Canberra's Trip 19-20/9/2009

Last minute decision. At first, I asked my mum (before she come to Sydney) whether she want to go to Canberra for Floriade. During Spring season, we have this festival, Floriade, over Canberra. She was worried about H1N1, so she said No at first. Ha! However, when she flew over, she just can't resist to say No to field of flowers. So, I rented a car and booked accommodation at very last minute. At first, we wanted to take the tour bus but is just too rush. I suggested that why not we rent a car, then I drive. We can set our own departure's time and drive around Canberra's city. Easier and convenient for us to drive to different locations.

Meantime, enjoy with the photos that we took during our -2 days 1 night- Canberra's trip. Believe me. It's worth to visit Canberra during spring season if you're a 'flower' person who just like my Mum. She said hooow she wish she could move all the flowers back to Malaysia. She wish.. Haha.. :)

We were on time for a florist arrangement class :) My mum's favorite.

After the florist arrangement's class, I found out that we have cupcake's deco right after that. very first experience on making fondant cupcake :))

my first fondant cupcake and flower.. Hehe. I always wanted to make fondant cake. I'm so glad that we came to Floriade.

Click at: Day 1, Day 2 for more photos over Facebook

Verry productive nights

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Just because I wanted to make jelly from egg shells, my mum been cooking fried rice with eggs, sandwiches with eggs for past few days. We managed to saved about 14 egg shells in 3 days. Last night, after diner, I made the jelly from jelly flakes (I just noticed I didn't have the agar-agar powder/ jelly powder at home :/) Seriously, it took so long for the jelly flakes to dissolve. I can't wait any longer. I think I started mix the food coloring when the flakes only dissolved around 70%. LOL..

I'm pretty sure I made 3 different colors and I tried to find the green one but fail. Haha.. //Memory lost.

Here's the red one... :) After this, I decided to make some cards. So, I went straight to my craft area and start digging out all my supplies and decide which design/theme should I do tonight.

I made this card two night ago. A special request from my friend. A birthday card with '25' on.

A close up- Milk brown chipboard letter sticker for the '25'

This is the second card that I made two nights ago. Three little cute owl. I colored their scraft with blender pen.

I made the following cards last night after the jelly's session.
I stamped the background and again, colored with blender pen.

a close up

A feminine color combination card

Faux stitching around the border and added on chipboard letters- 'hi'

Last but not least, a baby boy's card. I'm a sucker at cutting letters. So, please forgive me for the doggy edges of the letters. :p

I inked the craft card stock with brown ink because I running out of brown card stock. So, I thought it will work that way. Apparently not. Geez..

a close up

Okay.Okay. I think it's enough for today. Haha.. have to go prepare tonight dinner. More cards update coming soon. Might do some cards after dinner. Wheeee

Happy Birthday, Jia Jun

Yesterday was my newphew, Jia Jun's birthday. Sorry for the late dedication. Anyway, as chinese's traditional, my mum cooked a bowl of mee sua for the birthday boy with carrot, mushroom, peas, etc (modified version of traditional mee sua). It's yummm-mmy!

Ours with PJ and our yummlicious breakfast

Happy belated 19th Birthday, Jia Jun!!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Muffins? Pancakes? ...or should I call these cute things... Puffins!! I went to gym with my family just now. After that, we went to Coles which just near by for small grocery shopping. I found a 12-holes muffin pancake pan. So cute!! So when I get back home, I straight away started making these cute puffins. Any better name for them? My mum said 'I want fruit favors'. Why not? I modified the ingredients. I made 3 favors. Blueberry + macadamia nuts, raspberry and chocolote chip.

For the chocolate chip's one, to be honest, I think I put slightly too much of chocolate chip in it. :P

fresh from the oven.. yum!

from left to right: raspberry, chocolate chip and blueberry's favor

I made 24 of them. The blueberry is my mum's flavorite. My sister they all claimed the raspberry is a bit sour. Then I suggested them why not we put a bit of maple syrup on them. It's Yuuuu-umm!!


One more thing: Now only left 6 pieces.

A book

I went to the city with my mum and sister yesterday. We walked around in the city after lunch and after a while, I asked my mum whether she want to go in to Dymocks since we have nothing to do. So, we went to Dymocks at Martin Place. I think we spent about one and half hours in there. My mum enjoyed herself at the hobby/craft section where she found books about floristy (flower arrangement). She loves it! but when she saw the price, she put it back. I knew she want that book. Then I told her that I use my pay to buy it for her as a gift. Then, she gave me the BIG smile. haha.. Meanwhile, I also walked around in the bookstore. I went to craft/hobby, self-motivation, craft/stationary section. Oh man!! I knew I will have a hard time to decide which book and craft supply to buy. I wish I could get them all back home with me :( At the end, I picked this self-motivation book called 'Change Your Thinking'. This book mainly help you (or me) to change your perspective of whole issue when you depress or during hard situation.

I had a great time hanging out with my mum and sister :)

More gifts, more cards

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
A surprise gift from Marlene again. Am I lucky or what? Hehe... Many thanks to her. My mum just arrived yesterday and she passed me the parcel that Marlene pass it to her. I'm like..Wheee.. another parcel. I'm so happy when I open up the parcel. At first,

... I'm wondering -- how am I suppose to open this!. This crazy woman sewed all the borders. How? Haha.. I have to admit that she is a very creative person. I tried to tear from the top, but failed. Then, I had no choice but cutting it. :p

Guess what is inside??!

A greeting card and gifts from her. She told me that she got this while she still at Shanghai and it's hard to get all these pretty thing-y! Goodness. It's soooo pretty! I better use it wisely.

During that night, I decided to create some cards with the new gifts.

This is the first card that I created last night. I used the flower that I got it from Marlene and I added the brad from SU!. I'm not too sure whether this is the best outcome or what. Probably I should add a bit more of the pearl adhesive. Too pinky or what?

A lot of cutting in this star card. I cut out all the star shape from card stocks and inking and stamping the sentiment. I also submitted the this card to a challenge.

and this is the third card that I created the next day (this morning??) At first, I tried to add a green grosgrain ribbon, then I changed my mind. Instead of ribbon, I used olive green card stock. Therefore, the plan of the card changed at the end. Hope you guys like it.

I think this is for today. I'll update more tomorrow. Off to bed now. Good night...

Raspberry Suite Color Challenge #16

I created this card last night but didn't have to time to upload till now. This is my second time to join the challenge which organized by Dawn. Hopefully I'm on time to submit this entry for this challenge.

Little Star~ Hopefully you all like the outcome. Please feel free to leave comments. I would love to see what others think about my creation. The more comments, the better. Because you girls will help me improve on this :) I'm really appreciate it.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009
I wanted to update my blog last night but came back home late. So, I missed it. Sorry guys. For last week, it wasn't a good week for me. I got cough and flu. After that, diarrhea for few days. Then, it's my luck or what. Yesterday, when I woke up, I felt areas like my neck, part of my body were itchy. Not till super itchy yet. So, I just ignored it. After shower, went to work. Sadly, it got more serious till afternoon. During lunch break, I got rashes around my face, neck and body. Even my co-workers also noticed it during work. So, I decided go to pharmacy and got some pills for allergy. I'm not too sure what is the cause, maybe the food? Luckily, all the rashes gone later the night.

Anyway, as usual, I made 4 cards from different suppliers. I wonder should I list down all the materials that I use for each cards? Suggestion?

First card that I made was especially for baby boy. I was so 'blue' during past few days. I guess maybe I'm gonna be aunt for my incoming nephew. We're all excited for his arrival. Can't wait to see him. Maybe I should cut the middle part shorter aey?

Second card is very obvious. It's a Christmas's card. 'Let it snow'. This time I colored Mr. Snowman very gently, tried not to touch the outline. Not too bad. I would say it's better than previous one. I made a hat for him too. :)

Third card also very obvious. It's for baby girl. Pinky pinky. I'm still practicing to tie a good bow. Sorry for the ugly bow on the card.

The last card that i made during the night. I stamped the images from two different stamp sets and embossed 'cherish' with Zing! white embossing powder. I have to say that I had some trouble when I do this card. My plan was to round all the corner before I glue them altogether- which I forgot. So, I teared the red bit and white bit gently, to reduce the damage of the paper.