Tuesday, October 27, 2009
One of my friend, Shu, had ordered 35 christmas cards with 3 different designs for her friends and family. So far, I only finished 20cards, 15 more to go. First, she likes the christmas tree that I created on gift tag a while ago. So, here's what I finished so far.

1st design: A Very Christmas To You

2nd Design: Brrr and Joy

Fun design and cute snowmans' design. Hope she like it. Luckily she gave me plenty of time to prepare and I do not need to rush. 15 more to finish. 

Other than that, I also created two boxes for my lovely friends. Yet to be post. I'm so so sorry to the delay. I promise I'll post it out a.s.a.p. I just couldn't resist to add more stuff :p

I created these boxes from cardstock and embossed their initial with clear embossing powder.

I'm not too what's their favourite color, but hope they will like it. 

Cards shown as an example only. They will only find out what's inside when they receive it. Hehe :D