Finally got my hands in craft

Thursday, November 24, 2011
... and glue.. and cut..and punch...yeappp! Few more weeks till Christmas.

I made all these Christmas cards at a lovely friend of mine, Marlene's place on last Friday for a Christmas bazaar. We challenged each others to make at least 24 cards (at least). We had a great laugh when the clock hits 2 am in the morning and we still have few things to touch up. So basically both our challenges kinda failed... in a good way :) need to sleep.'d get this if you get challenge up at midnight...

I played around with my new PTI's stamp set. Love the simplicity and Marlene is kind enough to lend me her baker twine. 

... a "merry Christmas"

The original of this card is without the berries die... and I thought..'it looks kinda bored'. So that's the reason I decided to add on the berries and leaves die cut. 

... a "Holiday Greeting"

I didn't expect this card will look gorgeous with this patter paper. The leaves in the patter paper are glittery and just love the red, black, gold color combination.

... a "Peace be with you"

Decided to leave it as it is. Again, love the simplicity of all the cards above. Even though it took some time for me to apply the foam tape at behind of the tiny slimm-y font die, it worth doing it when I know the outcome is gonna be awesome.

Anyhow, I managed to sell two sets of these cards (3 pcs in one set) and few old cards during the Christmas bazaar on last Sunday. It was a great experience for me. I didn't earn big money but earned the experiences. Thank you to an aunt who been doing this years now. She told me, "as a crafter, never give up easily. Life is all about learning and experiencing disappointment, it doesn't mean end of the world. You just have to keep going and keep trying."-  Thank you for the reminding, auntie. I will keep that in mind. Never give up but keep trying.

November gonna end in few more days. Geez.. time flies. Few more weeks till Christmas and I need to send all the Chirstmas cards out before it is too late. 
Anyways, if you would love to drop a comment regarding my cards, please do so. Till then, stay safe and god blessed y'all. Love xoxo

Midnight work

Monday, October 17, 2011
I made these couple nights ago before go to bed. When I woke up the next morning, 'geeez...did I make these?'  One of my favorite time to make cards.Ha! Here's my take. 

This is one and only card that I made during my last visit back to Sydney in September this year. I got all the supplies when I go to a craft store. *excuses *wink :)

The first card was the one that I made during the night.

Then I realized the brown color is too strong so here's the second take which I slightly changed the color combo. It can be better. Pattern and color combo's wise. 

Next up is a 'thank you' card by using the same stamp set. I creates a little window on it and stamped the sentiment inside. And I also added a little diamond sticker at the center of the patter.

'Hello Friend' is from the same stamp set that I used for the two cards above but in different color combo and pattern design.Love the simplicity.

Last but not least, a tutu onesie card for my girlfriend who just gave birth to a baby girl.
I hand-cut the onesie shape out from a patter paper and adhered some buttons, blings and of course, the tutu!!! At first, I only adhere one layer of tutu but on the second thought, 'this is not enough for the puff'. More tutu please!!

I was inspired from the tutu dress that my dearly friend, Li-ya who made a tutu dress for her little jellybean a while ago. Love her creativity. Love the cuteness.

That's about it for today. Love y'all :)

Friday Love

Saturday, October 1, 2011
Good day, everyone!

It's already the first October! 
I hope you all are doing good wherever you at and having a great time with your loves one. For the past few weeks, I was busying at work and... at home as well. My brother, SIL and nephew had moved to Miri and were staying with us while waiting their apartment is undergoing renovation. So we all who included my parents (the grandparents for Laurence) were busy playing with him. All good though (:

Anyway, SIL had requested a 1 month birthday card for brother's friend's baby boy. So I decided to make one after back from supper with brother's family (: 

I cut the cardstock into an onesie shape. Cuteee (: I die cut and colored the little truck and paired it with two buttons. At first, my plan was keep it simple but decided to put the scallop edge around the sleves. I'm not sure whether it is a good decision or not but hope the recipient will like it. 

Sorry for the poor lighting :p

For the second card, I actually made the stripes background a while and left them on the table for quite some times. Before I sleep, I decided to give them a home. haha. So here's my take.

Notice the measure tap ribbon? Love it. I got it from a craft store while I last visited Sydney.

That's all for this post. Have a great weekend loves. Till then, take care and much love, 

xoxo, M

Sister Love

Friday, September 9, 2011
Sister is the Grey and I'm the Pink :)

It's good to have a sister :) It's even better when the sister is sharing same interest too. Haha. We was out for lunch and walked around in the shopping mall. Sister and I decided to get ourselves each a Pandora bracelet when sister spotted there's a store is having a 20% off sales. 

The love of sisterhood... xoxo

The Bookmarks.. & tiny more

Saturday, September 3, 2011
*Note: You may notice that photos as below are brighten than usual. It's because I didn't have the time to take photos before work. So I only able took photos for them during noon.  It's bright and sunny and windy...

I made these bookmarks a while ago and I only realized I didn't take photos of them. Here they are :) 4 different designs. I simply love each of the designs.

 Besides, I also made a notebook which matching with the card that I made him few days ago. I haven't have the chance to send this present yet. :p Hope he will the notebook :)

 Last but not least, more baby cards, baby boy to be specific :) I bought these stickers a while back and decided to make full use of them. Very inexpensive.

I apologized for the shadow. I tried my best to take photo of it while it was windy during that time. Yet, hope you guys still like the cuteness of it. :)

Messy table= creativity in progress!

Saturday, August 27, 2011
Sometimes, table is messy ain't bad thing. Why? It because when you mojo strike, you can start making straight away.It also a good excuses to the parents when they ask you to clean your room. Hahaha

 Special request from cousin for her friend's newborn. I hope the recipient will like it :)

 Special made for a youth who just celebrated his 14th yesterday. Happy belated birthday, E. :)

Happy reading, everyone!  Love, M xoxo

This & That :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I have few pieces this and that on my table. So I decided to use those scrap pieces to create new cards.

 Love xoxo Mich

The Play Date Cafe PDCC #95

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Note: Yay!!! It's my honor to received the badge as "I Made The Fab 4" for this challenge. Excited. Please feel free to browse through page as they have some amazing ideas out there. Thank you, once again, PDCC :)
I hopefully this will be my last post for today as I don't want to spam you guys with all my updates.

As for this challenge, I decided to play with the challenge that set by PDCC. This is my first time and hopefully will have time to join again in the future challenges. And again, this color palette definitely seldom come across my mind and I truly enjoyed myself in the making.

Very sweet color palette indeed. Love the navy. Love the bubblegum. Love the leaf green. Adorable. My entry in this challenge is No.80.

I impressed SU! navy cardstock with PTI's sunshine impression plate which it gives the beautiful circle impression. Love it.

Enjoy reading!

Embossed Flower Colors Trend Challenge

Embellish always have this amazing color combo which I seldom create with. This gave me a chance to step out from my comfort zone and add new color combo in my color's list. Truly inspire.

This will be my second post for the second challenges.Embossed Flower Colors Trend Challenge gives us the opportunity to dry/ heat emboss flowers along with unique color palette. Here's my work for this challenge.

I ran the flower die cut with a embossing folder and after I realized the impression is not what I expected, I used my bone folder to draw the lines at the petals.


Hope you all like it. Enjoy!

CAS-ual Fridays CFC #16

It's been while that I do any card making's challenges. Spotted three challenges yesterday and decided to take the challenges. Here's my first take at CAS-usla Fridays' challenge CFC16. It is my first time to join this challenge and looking forward to join in the future as well.   *My entry in this challenge is No.131.Two cards in total. Make sure you scroll all the down :)

Here's my creation for this challenge. 

Heat embossed the background with clear embossing powder and PTI's Background Basic: Vines stamp set.

Note: I originally submitted the following card for PDCC#95 challenge and noticed this design also fit both  CFC #16 as well. So I decided to submit this card to participate in CFC #16. :)

Enjoy! Love xoxo

what a Sunday

Monday, August 22, 2011

I hope you all blessed weekend! I know I did. My church had this '3 times a year' blood donation's event yesterday so I went after a good nap. In fact, I was the second last who registered before they close the counter. Phew.

Here's the photo. eeeeek

Note: My friend, a nurse, told me this is the standard size of need for sucking the blood out. In fact, there's a bigger needle.So she recommended me go and try the larger size. No way!

Anyhow, I felt good because I know my blood could save a life out there.

At night, before go to bed, I decided to make some cards last night because it seems like the tools were 'waving their hands' with me. Ha! Talk about imagination :). Here's my take of the night. 

 Die cut the border with felt. Added a different touch on the card.

 Double scoop of ice cream

 It's a girl!

 Another take for baby girl

Love you lots xoxo

I'm back

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
I've been giving excuses for not making cards lately. Friends were all worried and kept on remind me 'hey, don't forget to make cards else your blog is rusty!' I finally promised myself yesterday, at least make one card. One card. 

Guess what. Instead of one, I made four cards at the end. It's been a while that I make any cards since months ago. Geez. It actually took me a while to complete even one. Due to my 'complicated' minded, I hardly make a simple card. Simple as, one or two cutting, less stamping, less layers, not too much colors mixing around. In terms of 'simple', I think maybe it's too simple. I don't know. What do you think?

 Colorful buttons

 'My ♥ to your home'

Ice cream, anyone? :) 

Rotated the scoop of ice cream up side down, it became tulip. Ha!

Happy reading everyone. love xoxo


Tuesday, July 19, 2011
... is a bug with eight legs.

I've no ideas about the word of 'Arachnid' till I watched this video over Youtube. Ha!! You actually can learn words from Sesame Street.

We all learn something new everyday :)

Baptism on July 17, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011
on this date...

Woke up at 6.30 in the morning and reached church at 6.45 a.m. The ceremony started at 7.10 a.m. with approx. 17 brother and sister- in christ in the list. Very nervous yet excited.

I got myself baptized today at church!! I think this is one of the best decision that I ever made. Praise the Lord!!


I got myself a yellow line parking summon too during lunch with fellow church friends. It's not a very proud thing to share but oh well.:p Ha!!! Policemen acted very efficient lately when Raya is just around the corner. 

Anyway, it was a good day for me and the summon drama thing is just a lesson from Father in heaven, that is, never-ever try to park your vehicle at yellow line at hot spot even though it's quick meal.

My 26's

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Dear all,

I am another year older, wiser, and more grateful. Thank you, each and every one of you for a wonderful birthday greetings from facebook, whatsapp, calls, texting. Now. I'm not scare of getting older. I'm afraid of getting wide instead. Ha! Anyhow, life's good so far and thank you once again for all the wishes. Xoxo :D

 Love, M.

Something might cheer you Up!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Haha!! Love it! I wanna be one of the monkeys in the mv!

Favourite Movies

Friday, April 22, 2011
Ola! Happy Good Friday, peeps!! Since I am still awake at this time (12 a.m.), I would like to share movies that I  watched a while ago and I feet I want to share with you all. All these three movies are different themes and  styles. It makes me cry and believe me. It's worth to watch :) You can find tones of review about all these three movies,

Image source
The Blind Side. A true story of Michael Ohren, a homeless African-American boy who became a successful football player nowadays. I enjoyed myself watching this movie.

Image source
Precious. It is just too powerful for tears. I truly highly recommend you to watch!!! No fast forward, no pause. I just simply enjoy every second of this movie. This is truly inspire movie to watch and think how lucky are we now.

Image source
The Lovely Bonds. Again, this is my personal interest, I kinda like it. Mystery yet sad. You kinda have to watch to the end then you only able to find the truth. Patient is recommend for this movie because it's kinda long.