I'm back!

Sunday, August 23, 2009
.... to make cards

Haha... anyway, after weeks of resting, now finally sat down and start making cards. My skills are a bit rusting and sorry for the poor lighting of the photos. I managed to make 5 cards before I get too tired. hehe..

Baby card. There's a moment that I think I put too much of moons on it :/ what do you guys think?

You're sweet - I reckon this card is great for family or friends

Thanks - a 3"x 3" greeting card

Love & Hi - I realize I only have clear button in the size that I want. Therefore, I decided to embossed it with white embossing powder.
a close up

Merry & Bright - My first Christmas's card

The snowman is smudged because I watercolor it :( I didn't use watercolor proof ink for the snowman. So when I color it with my blender pen, it smudgeeee :(

Last but not least, a photo of cupcakes that I bought from Cupcakes on Pitt few days ago. The price is reasonable but I wish they could come out with more flavor for the cupcakes. I guess they are popular because of its decorations. This is my own opinion tho. :)


Wednesday, August 19, 2009
I jsut broke my one and only laptop cooler/fan
I need to go get one soon
Cheap/ quality??



i haven't make any cards for weeks.
and it feels like such a long long time.

One of my favourite

Sunday, August 9, 2009
Nothing better than Bovril when you are going to have congee. I can just eat it without anything, but only with Bovril. I believe I got addicted since I'm still a kid. My granny used to mix this in my congee before we start eating. My dad still like the plain and no extra thing (except fish or chicken meat) in it. The old folks prefer this, but I love to make my congee colorful by adding lots of carrot, potatoes, peas (yaiks..only add it when nothing left in the fridge :p), meat balls.. very happening. Hahha... ABC congee. :)

when we were young

My cousin, Ling Hui, just created a short video clip by putting all the old photos together. You all get to see how we used to look like with our nerd glasses, 90's hair style when we were young. It's kinda funny when you realize how 'pretty' when you wearing high waist jeans and funky hair style. haha.. just briefly introduce some of the actors and actresses in the video. The old lovely lady is my mum's mum (my granny who passed away few years ago), my lovely aunt (she always treat us like her own... that's why we all love her so much), my pretty mum (she look so hot! in her 70's dress.. haha), my siblings, mother's side cousins, Xiao Hui, Kat, Ling Hui, Quan, Kim, Moi moi, Lyshia, Sun fung, lots more. I used to be a tom-boyish kinda girl. My hair never have the chance to grow until shoulder. I always go to salon near by my house and asked the hair stylist, 'Please. Cut my hair'. Now, no more. I keep my hair long. Anyway, enjoy the video with my nerdy look in it which I never expose to the public before. hehe


Friday, August 7, 2009
Yay! Finally. I had my front light installed today. After all these year, I decided to take down the old and rusty light and replace with a new one. I went to the near-by light shop to pick the new light and through the shop owner, met a nice electrician. After a short conversation, Ha! we found out that we actually live at the same street. We're neighbour!! Haha :) Sweet!! So, I pretty much got a good deal from him. I picked an old fashion yet classy design of light.

Beside that, I also replace the kitchen's light. Nothing fancy, just a normal one. So, I didn't took photo of it. hehe.. Now, the kitchen is more bright and easier to find the switch. We used to use those extension light (or..how you call it) and normally our guests couldn't figure out where is the switch.

Birthday, anniversary, hello, love

Saturday, August 1, 2009
I managed to make cards today. These cards used a lot of embossing, stamping, buttons and cutting. I also used faux stitching at most of these cards. I like all these elements combine altogether. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for my Christmas stamp set to arrive and can't wait to play with it. :))

'You're a hoot'- This card accidentally turned out with Christmas color theme. Does it looks weird when the owls with these color combination??

'just because I care'- I embossed the hearts with clear embossing powder and and some faux stitching around the top.

'Jenny'- specially made for my friend, Jenny for her b'day. Hope she like it :) Glued the pattern papers on the chipboard letters and cut it out.

'on another year of Happy togetherness!'- a retro design for this.

Last but not least,

'Hello'- a 3x3" card. Should I take off the ribbon and leave the cute squirrel alone??