MGC's Love Station

Thursday, October 8, 2009
I wanted to contribute something to my hometown's church, Miri Gospel Church (MGC). What sort of things that I can contribute in? A-a-HA! Love station! where people can get lovely cards that created by Marlene. She been creating lots of amazing design in the past few months. So now I am joining her in this fun work:) So, I went to get the measurement and got started not long after she replied my message. Very efficient. I created 3 designs with different theme. I took out some of my old designs and modified the size and design. After few minutes, I decided to create a mini/medium size of version from previous design.

I embossed the baby shirt with polka dot background stamp but it doesn't really show in here. Pink and purple color for babies.

I stamped my own pattern paper with floral stamp and inked the edge of the card.

The finish products: 28 cards (mix colors) and it's ready to post

After I finish making all these cards, I created a small/slimmer version of christmas tag for one of my close friend. I'm excited how she/he (to be annouce) will react when she receive this. Hehe

shimmer all the way~

'To and From' at the back

That's all for tonight. Good night, peeps!! :)


marlene said...

these are melampau :) Too nice lah michelle! Limited Edition

||αн yuиɢ || said...

[ michelle ]

waoo .. tat shirt style nice nice !! hahaha !!