Things that color my day

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Many thanks to Marlene, who gave me colorful brads, buttons and ribbons. She has been so nice to me and also other cardmakers. She told me last week that she going to give me 'the thing' and said will pass it to my bf who is going to visit me. Then, i got all excited and can't want to see it. The first thing that i asked from the boyfriend when he got here few days ago was 'darling, where's the present that Marlene pass it to you huh?? Quick!' *waiting impatiently. My reaction was like a kid who got their christmas's present. I can't wait to play with all these colorful cutie things. :))

Thank you Marlene!!

The Bridge- An amazing story of Love

Thursday, June 18, 2009
An amazing story of Love. I watched this video during Hillsong's Album Recording Night. This is such a beautiful and amazing video. oh my gosh.... makes me cry every time. Jesus loves us that much! I want to share this video with all my readers. I would suggest you that prepare a tissue with you while you watching this video. *sob

Salt and Light Music Ministry

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Salt and Light Music Ministry is having a mini concert at The Castle Coffee House on this Friday, 19/6/2009 at 12 noon till 12:25 p.m. You guys will be amaze how these guy present God's word through song. The most important thing is the team really enjoy with what they doing even though it's not an easy task to deliver God's words to the public. They need your support in this journey to keep it going. If you're at Miri, please drop by The Castle Coffee House on this Friday. You can get some food to munchiiee , while you're listening to nice music. Why not? :)

光和盐音乐“王子与公主”咖啡屋 音乐会
时间:12-1245pm (lunch break)

back in my craft room

Monday, June 15, 2009
I finally got the chances to sit in my craft room and create lovely cards again. :D I haven't touch my babies for weeks. So, after I handed in my last two assignment during last Friday, I felt so gooood!! I started make cards again (yayy!) on Saturday and Sunday (Friday-basically no more energy left for me to do cards after stay awake for whole night doing the disgusting research proposal). It's good to sit there for hours and try to create something interesting. I made a list of people that I wish to make card for them. I haven't finish making cards yet. This is what I done so far. I haven't blog about my cards for so long. So, here's the update.

for Lu Zhou's staff member (给绿洲同工)not too sure whether it's a appropriate card to give, but hope uncle Lucas they all will like it. :D

for Baby Arelia :) My cousin who I haven't really meet ( i think) before just gave birth to a baby girl, named Arelia Teo Nguyen at Perth. Congratulation!!

for brother's new open coffee house- The Castle Coffee House .The coffee house is located at opposite SMK Chung Hua, Miri, above Seng Seng's Cafe. For those who at Miri, it's a good place to hang out. So, do bring along friends and family to visit. Btw, at first, I still worry that whether I will be disqualify for KW's Color Challenge #54 because I'm using Kristina's May VCC template. When I check her website again, the link closed. O h well .. next time

Who wish to claim this card? :)

Happy Papa's Day card for my papa. :) I'm not too sure whether my dad gonna like this or not. My sister said it's more like for kiddo. LOL.

for friend back at Miri

more daddy's card

After I ink the chipboard letters, I embossed the letter with clear embossing powder for the glossy look.

I personally don't really like the outcome for this card. Maybe I choose the wrong color for the base :/

Last but not least,

Cricket green's embossed butterflies with 'Thanks'

it's 11.30pm

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
It's 11.30pm
and no one wants to leave the library!
Just because of the internet back home is shitty and everyone wants to fully use
the internet now to check fb, blogs, youtube, etc.
People, it's time to go home now!!
Big sister is in low battery's mode now!

I'm at the Top 13!!!

The internet back home is playing up lately. So, I have to come to uni to do work and surf internet. Before start do my report, as usual. I read blogs, check news, fb (40 minutes gone :p). I checked up with Kristina's blog (my fav!!) and she finally did the round up for KW's Color Challenge #53. I'm in the Top Thirteen!! I can't believe I'm in top thirteen! :D I'm here to share the glory with you all (even tho there're no present involve)!! Yay! My card is at the second row, the 4th card from the left. Please click the links above to check out others amazing work. They're awesome too!

Straight, or maybe not?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Straight as in walk straight, chest up, not the 'straight-gay' kinda straight (laugh out loud). Anyway, I have this problem when I walk, I tend to not notice people beside me. I just look straight to the front and walk. Sometimes, I don't even notice my brother and sisters/ friends at the uni until they're standing in front of me. Some people will label me proud or arrogant since they claim i dint respond to them. Sorry, guys!! I didn't mean it. Probably I'm wearing an invisible horse visor. ): that's why. Probably you guys just have to come closer and say 'hi'. I do apologize for that. Honestly, come come.. I love to have a chat with you all.

Final year

Monday, June 1, 2009
I'm gonna finishing the university this year (pray hard!!). To be honest, I failed exams before. I won't deny about that. I can't let myself fail any this year. Big NO for that. I feel scare that I won't be graduate next year 2010.

I have
been feeling upset, unmotivated, shameful, sad, angry, jealous lately. I get so stress when everyone start asking me 'When are you graduating?'. Sick of it but I, just couldn't wait to finish the university. I have enough. I wonder is this how final year look like? Pile up with assignments and the stress is just overwhelming. I need know consciously what i should do, but the stress is taking over my confidence. I am doubting myself. I am jealous of my course mates who really do well in assignments.

Still, I manage to find few good friends at very last minute this semester (with smart brain... lol) to work with and they're willing to help me. I really appreciate it. I felt God must be heard my prayer and He sent a team of soldier to help me. Thank you. I guess I just have to learn be more organize and motivate.