Post It Note Organizer

Sunday, October 4, 2009
I've been thinking what can I make for my cousins in KL. So, I came across the idea of post it note since they spend most of their time in office. This is what I did in one night. Great ideas and fun color combo to work with. I spent quite a lot of time on design (other than that, it's easy to make tho) but I'm very happy with the outcome:) Hope they will like it.

Post It Note Organizer #1

close up

inside: the organizer I punched the note pad with my spiral punch to make it more 'real'. Hehe
Post It Note Organizer #2

close up

Post It Note Organizer #3

close up

Post It Note Organizer #4

Specially made for my cousin brother. He requested to have his name at the front. So, here you go, Quan. Hope you like it :)

Post It Note Organizer #5

more shimmer (p/s: if you notice it, the 'i', is spoiled :( I'll try to fix it up)

For all the organizer at the above, it's open up-wise. For the following two, it's open side-wise.

Post It Note Organizer #6

bright color

the inside

Last but not least, the last one of post it note organizer that I made last night.

For your information, I'm kinda screw this up because I put the note pad and the pocket at the wrong side. So, whoever get this, please forgive me because you might have to write at the uneven surface. Sorry. I tried to take it off, but it won't allow me. Else, it will destroy the whole thing. :( sorry

I'll update the measurement tomorrow. I'm off to bed now and day saving is begun. So, for those in Australia, clocks forward 1 hour. Goodmorning/ goodnight, everyone!*yawn


UPDATED (5/10/09):
The measurement for the post it note organizer is approx 4"x 5" and for the hippo is approx
3 1/2"x 5"

I made mistake at Post It Note Organizer #4. The correct spelling is 'Qao' instead of 'Qoa'. I already fixed the problem at the card. Sorry, Quan :p