Glazed Lime Cake

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
(I added a scope of ice-cream on the top and spoon the lime syrup over the cake)

Another baking's period within a week. Yes. I love baking cake. The cake did not turned out perfect. It turned out oily when it's still warm and worst part was the middle of the cake 'sink'!! :( I was so upset. I wanted to bake this cake as my friend's birthday present, but I changed my mind.. ummhmm.. I can't afford to embarrassing myself in front of bunch of stranger...hehe

the 'sink' :( need more practice. Surprisingly, when the cake cool down a bit (overnight), the cake doesn't taste so oily and yet my sister and cousin said this cake taste better than the blueberry crumb cake. I'm like huh'' really now...

If anyone try with this recipe, share with me :) no matter it's successful or fail, I still like to hear from y'all. Ohh... last but not least, for dinner, I baked pumpkin soup with puff pastry with everyone's name on it. Something special!!

This was my sister, and mine...err..I forgot to take photo of it. ///sowiee :p