'Mini' Michelle from Katrisha

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Mini me is enjoying the sunlight.. wheee~

Woke up this morning and went to check my mailbox. As usual. Poly cellophane bag that I ordered from Ebay arrived :) yeah.. now I have a better packaging for my cards to send out with. Ohh.. wait! I just ordered one, how come got another parcel in my mailbox? Maybe it's belong to my sister. Then I looked at it. It's for ME and it's from lovely Katrisha. A surprise... :D THANK YOU!!! It's just too cute and it got my name at the back. Mini Michelle! hehe... Love it heapss!

Mini me are enjoying the sun with Bibi. :)..ohh..so cute! I love the color combo and LOOK! Both Bibi and mini me got the blue ribbo's hair clip!! too CUTE!! :)

If anyone interested in buying these little cute thing, do drop by Katrisha's personal and official blog. She and her hubby, Jason are really good in creating these. Key chain, hair clip, cute dolls, coin bags, hmm..what else.. seriously, just go and have a look and you will be amaze how creative they are.


marlene said...

Wow! So lovely!

Michelle T. said...

cute right?!! Do visit her blog. She really can create all these super cute creature. :))