Jingle all the way

Thursday, December 3, 2009
Technically I made most of these cards last month but only completed some of them last night. I was so demotivated during that period and left them alone for so long to complete. Sorry for the super delay, darlings. Now I felt so good to have myself back to cards. My baby :) All these are yet to post it out to my dearly families and friends.

a cute small journal for my sis-in-law

layers of glitterly wings

I made all these ornaments by myself and I quite like the outcome of it. Before this, I put them at white cardstock and it didn't have the effect or it feel like lacking of something. So I only changed the base to kraft cardstock. Hope my recipients will like it as well.

I couldn't find the flexible wire in gold color at Sydney here. My luck or what, I found them at a craft store when I went to shopping with mum and sis at Chadston's Westfield (Melbourne). That's why it took me so long to complete them because I couldn't find them at Sydney. Now it's ready to post it out.

The coordinate envelope. I used marker to color the stamp with two different colors, red and green and stamped them at the envelopes.

I only made this card last night. So it still fresh and new. hehe :) I embossed the sentiment with white embossing powder at vellum cardstock. Too simple??

'joy to the world'

This one is fresh from the oven as well. I'm not really sure about this because I made this from bit and pieces. LOL :p probably need to cut short the length. Any suggestions?

I embossed the snowflakes with clear embossing powder. And for the sentiment, it's the same one as the one that I stamped at the ornament's envelope. It's just I played around with the colors and gave them a new look.

That's all about it. Hope you all like it. As usual. You guys feel free to drop me any comments or suggestions. Off to bake banana cake now. Lots of love from me