Sister Love

Friday, September 9, 2011
Sister is the Grey and I'm the Pink :)

It's good to have a sister :) It's even better when the sister is sharing same interest too. Haha. We was out for lunch and walked around in the shopping mall. Sister and I decided to get ourselves each a Pandora bracelet when sister spotted there's a store is having a 20% off sales. 

The love of sisterhood... xoxo

The Bookmarks.. & tiny more

Saturday, September 3, 2011
*Note: You may notice that photos as below are brighten than usual. It's because I didn't have the time to take photos before work. So I only able took photos for them during noon.  It's bright and sunny and windy...

I made these bookmarks a while ago and I only realized I didn't take photos of them. Here they are :) 4 different designs. I simply love each of the designs.

 Besides, I also made a notebook which matching with the card that I made him few days ago. I haven't have the chance to send this present yet. :p Hope he will the notebook :)

 Last but not least, more baby cards, baby boy to be specific :) I bought these stickers a while back and decided to make full use of them. Very inexpensive.

I apologized for the shadow. I tried my best to take photo of it while it was windy during that time. Yet, hope you guys still like the cuteness of it. :)