How I spent my past few weeks

Monday, December 20, 2010
Internet connection is running in snail speed. Eyes pop. Edit photos.

Anyway, it's a jingle-bell's season now. So I created a series of fa-la-la cards during the past few weeks.
I stamped various of sentiments on the bitty tiny tags. "Fa la la" is on
 one of the series.

Vanilla, strawberry, banana cupcakes, anyone? :) 

An order from a pretty client for her 3rd anniversary with her boy
to be continue...



Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Things don't always happen according with our plan, but it's ok. Deal with it. 

'Things always happen for some reason. Don't deny but face it, and solve it.' 

I could be a banana, sometimes, but at least, I know I've been given the most valuable stuff on earth and appreciate it, which some people just waste it for some ridiculous reasons.

Life is unpredictable and you should appreciate it no matter what. Life is short, people. Love life, stay strong! 

Let your {heart} shines through everywhere, everyone!!


I do

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

definitely it's the most popular 'I Do' month of the year. 

It's crazy to attend 6-8 wedding dinners in a month with dad since mum is not around. More to come. Wish all the married couples a life marital bliss. :)

Happy Weddings, everyone!!

Color Cue {9} Challenge

Friday, November 5, 2010
Hello, everyone! Surprise or not. This is the second post for today. Again, here's my first take at Color Cue {9} Challenge
Here's my take for this challenge...

At first, I drew a white frame with white gel pen but I decided to apply glitter glue over it after that. I had to admit that it didn't really look appeal to me or even everyone. I guess it was a mistake to apply the glue glitter :(

I embossed the pink cardstock with SU! Manhattan Flower embossing folder and applied glitter glue around the outline.

Last but not least, I've to admit that I definitely fail a big time in updating my blog. I'll try keep my best to let my poor blog to be active. Enjoy reading!

*Again, hopefully I'll get a better shot during day time and replace this.

Embellish Color Challenge Vintage

It's my first try at Embellish Color Challenge Vintage. I decided to make this card right after I saw this challenge today. And to be honest, this color combo is not the usual color combo that I would think of. It took me a while to create this card since I've been away from making cards for quite some times. My skill is getting a bit rusty *aiks.

I'm not sure how vintage-y look can I create from this color combo. So, I tried to create bit and piece individually and see whether they can match together. Ha! I personally think that I can do better than this but Gah! My brain was dried up after a good hour sitting in the craft room and scratched my head. :"I just don't know what else I can put in." Anyhow, it's definitely a challenge for me and I enjoyed it. 

The base cardstock is from SU, pattern paper is from K & Company, border punch from Martha Stewart, and the rest materials are from PTI.

Enjoy reading!!

After years

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
 For once I thought when uni life going to end

after years

I made it...proudly! 


Hey what's up baby

Friday, June 11, 2010
I absolutely love my holidays. Now that Semester is over, I'm just waiting to sit for my one and only paper before I am officially done with Uni. Now that I've got slightly more time on my hands than others, I'm finding myself perpetually cramping in my craft room once again. And this time I approached my ideas differently through sewing. It isn't surprising, the amount of times I've poked my fingers *ouch*. I made six (6) cards in total. For the first card, I created a quilted background and die cut it with SU! top note die.

After which I had the background cut out. I then tied it with brown grosgrain ribbon and punched out the sentiment with big oval punch and scallop oval punch.

Nothing to impress you all, but just a little novelty here. It involves a little bit of sewing and it's actually pretty fun. I bought a pack of felt from a craft store and decided to create something out of them. For the first four cards, I cased one of the card that Dawn created a while ago. Thank you Dawn for the permission :). I love how the works turn out. Absolutely lovely. Like I said, it's nothing too special apart from the pairing of a felt flower to a matching color. Hehehe. I made the flowers and the cards in such a way the color theme complimented one another.  Here are some pictures of each individual cards.
 "Ms. Purple"

"Ms. White"

"Ms. Pink"

"Ms. Yellow"

'Any stamper knows that you can never have enough sentiments?'- from PTI. This is so true and I believe I can't agree more.  Do you see the sentiment? It's a new stamp set from PTI called Inside and Out: Thank you. The phrase and its saying is sooo perfect for any thank-you cards. And it is easy as 1-2-3.

The flowers with bling bling button

And now with their matching cards

This how the flowers look like. A poppy pin at the back. You can pin them anywhere. Bags, clothes, anywhere. This is my first attempt at them and I know I'll be creating more in the future; but with more materials to decorate them, like fur, leaves etc. Or you can attach it with a ribbon so it hangs at the door, mirror. Anywhere. :)

Last but not least,

Isn't this cute? I die cut the clouds out with felt and inked the edge with SU!'s Sahara sand ink. :) I made this card specially for a very special friend of mine, a pinch of boyish-ness emphasised with a small plane. I'm really glad to have known him and wish to show how much I truly appreciate this friendship.

You're happy, I'm happy, Everyone's happy

Monday, May 31, 2010

The title of this post isn't exactly the best.. I'll work on my creativity. Anyway, getting up for uni in the mornings just isn't my thing. I'm practically nocturnal, sleeping when everyone else gets up. And I'm quite the sleepyhead too- 6 hours of sleep just isn't enough for me. For the past few days I've been getting up at 7ish for group meetings and it is starting to take a toll on me. I get really grumpy if I don't get enough sleep, and I'm just thankful I didn't kill any of my friends and siblings. I'm just glad everything's over now.

Because I got myself a set of eye mask to relax and rid my puffy eyes! And not to mention, the horrid pimples!! 

Anyway, here's my card that I made during Michey's Birthday party last Saturday. It was a card-making's party. It was fun :) More photos over here. Each of us get to do two cards and the rest is all up to us on how to design them. Fun, fun, fun.

Here's my take. I added Ranger Liquid Pearls in Silver Pearl when I got home. Just a extra touch on the cards. 

Apart from that, I made a really last minute gift card for my cousin, Sin Yea who just gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Baby Jayden last week! My sister and I actually got little Jayden a few sets of clothes even before he was born.

That's about it for today. Hope you're happy, I'm happy and everyone's happy today and coming weeks. Hehe.. eye masks, here I come.

Adiós love pig Pictures, Images and Photos

Pumpkin Crumble Cake

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baking is my another hobby apart for getting myself inky all over my hands. I never try this combination of pumpkin and crumble before. So, I decided to give it a try few days ago. It was a success and it tastes sweet enough to cheer you up from any bad days. Just look at the rich gold-ish color :)

Here's the recipe. Give it a try! You won't regret!
200g butter/margarine, 180g castor sugar
3 eggs, 1 tbsp rum (it's optional if you don't like the taste of it)
200g cooked pumpkin
120ml milk, 300g self-raising flour

Crumble (mixed):
75g butter/margarine (I realized it might a bit too much, so I'll put less for next time. This is just me though)
90g soft brown sugar
120g walnuts, chopped coarsely (I used dried mixed fruits since I've them in the fridge. It tastes good as well)
3tbsp plain flour, sifted with 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder

1. Cake: Mash cooked pumpkin till fine. Cream butter and sugar until light, add eggs one by one, beating well after each addition. Add rum (again, this process is optional) after that. Add mashed pumpkin, milk and stir well. Mix in flour until well combined. 

2. Crumble: Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and rub into crumble.

3. Pour half of cake mixture into a greased and lined 22cm/9" round baking tin and spread to level the cake mixture. Sprinkle half of the crumbles on top and cover with the remaining half of the cake mixture. Sprinkle the remaining half of the crumbles evenly to cover the whole cake. 

4. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180'C for about 1 hour until cooked and golden brown.

5. Remove, leave to cool before cutting into slices and serve. 

Now, go and get yourself a nice pumpkin and start bake this easy-peepsy cake. You can alternate the ingredients according to your preferences. You just have to be creative, sometimes. :)

My comfort zone

Saturday, May 22, 2010
Card making is my well-loved hobby. My craft room is my source of comfort; I feel like I am able to release my stress and basically indulge myself in something I truly enjoy. It is where I find myself. As usual, I will focus more on my creations rather than bore you with mere words.

 For my friend, Ms. Stephanie Cowell :)

I stamped the cap on another piece of cardstock with Black StazOn Ink and cut them out. A slim line of glitter powder applied along the middle of the cap.

My original plan for this card was in portrait layout till I realized I made some mistake after I staple the ribbon down. I didn't leave enough space for the circle being on the top. So, I decided I changed the layout to landscape. Hopefully the recipient will like this :p

I created the shadow for the house with blender pen. 
*I just a light grey marker yesterday which is good for creating shadow. I'll use that for that purpose in the future.

A quick and easy.

 A ribbon from American Craft that I bought a while back. 

I actually made 4 cards but I screwed up the last one. Sp, I decided not show it to you all till I fix them up. Haha

Other than that, that's about it for today [I hope] :)

Being thankful

If you're able to find {A} friend who share the same passion with you, that would be the best thing ever that you could imaging. And what makes it even awesome that she have the same first name as yours. Double-Yay for that!! I'm introducing you, Michelle Costello. I met Mich during the meeting that we had with Dawn in March. Since then, we both still keep in touch with each others. Email, sms, tweet, hang-out. Anything.We would even sms/email each others, just to remind each others about the releasing date of PTI. Haha {::smile}

When I've any questions (or maybe problems :p) regarding card making, I know who should I go after. Haha.. SMS-ed her and she would reply as fast as she could to help me solve the problems.

I'm feeling thankful for the true blessings that happen in my life. Friends, families, siblings, cousins, I love you all.


A gift for them

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
HAPPY 100'S POST!!! 
I never think I've the motivation to keep this blog alive for so long. haha

Anyway, this will be a long post with cards that I made with PTI's latest dies and stamp sets.

I played with PTI's latest stamp set and dies. What can I say. They are so yummy-licious to play with. Love. THEM! PTI rocks! Haha.. I made note pards and cards for my far far away's families and friend.

For this card, I stamped woodgrain background stamp (designed by Dawn). After that, I die cut and stamped the graduate's stamp on it. I felt want to add on a bling on it. So I added a stripe of diamond that I bought from local craft store. I'm pleased with the outcome.

I also made another graduation card for a friend who graduated recently. In terms of the color and design, this card is totally different from the previous one. Hopefully my friend will like it because I'm not too sure whether this design/ color combo will give her a heart attack. haha (hopefully not)

I kinda like the simplicity of this card. Stamp, color, embellishment and a bit blending as the shadow. Done. Simple yet cute. If you can notice at the licence plate, it said ' Birthday Boy'. Yup. I made this for one of my male friend who just had his big 30's ( i think :p) few days ago. Happy Birthday, Matt!

I made these two note pads weeks ago and didn't get to post them. Due dates of assignment just won't let me have the chance to finish making them.  Butttt.. finally! Now then I realized that most of stamps are from PTI. They're just too yummm for not using them. Haha :)

More note pads. This time. Be warn. They're too cute to use :)
3 set with 6 different designs.

Hope all the recipients will love them and find them useful. Nothing expensive. It's all about how creative can you be. 

Last but not least, a father's day card. I just decided to make this card when I'm cleaning the table. The stamp set is from Hero Arts that I bought a while ago. Brads are gifted from Marlene. Ribbons from SU!. Oh yes! how can I forget about the background stamp. Yes. It's the same background stamp that I used for the first card. I just arranged it in vertical layout. After stamped the background, I applied a layer of glue with glue stick and tissue paper after that.

The ribbons are not perfect. Still need some adjustment on it. But I think my dad don't mind or he won't even care about it. hahaha :D I love you, papa!!

And now, they're ready to be post. Much love from me! :)