May You Rest In Peace

Friday, July 31, 2009

Sadly, on Thursday, July 23, 2009, Yasmin Ahmad suffered a stroke and remained motionless, seated, she was resting her head on the table, with her hands cupping her face, while attending a meeting with local artist Siti Nurhaliza and her husband and Media representatives for an undisclosed project at Sri Pentas, TV3. Before the meeting, she spent some time with Media Prima's group creative director, Peter Chin and was reported to be in a jovial and relaxed mood.

She was rushed to the Damansara Specialist Hospital where she underwent a neurosurgery procedure to reduce the swelling in her brain. The operation was a success however her condition was critical but stable. Bernama quoted her brother-in-law, Zakaria Zahari, as saying that Yasmin had suffered a stroke and hemorrhaging in the brain[8].

On Saturday, July 25, 2009, more than 48 hours after the surgery, Yasmin Ahmad succumbed to her injury and was pronounced dead at 11.25pm[7]. On Sunday, July 26, 2009, Yasmin Ahmad was laid to rest at the USJ 22 Muslim Cemetery in Subang Jaya, Selangor. Her husband, Abdullah Tan Yew Leong, their immediate families, hundreds of fans, friends, industry colleagues and personalities gathered to bid her farewell.

*Above information all from Wikipedia

Below are some of her fabulous works throughout these years:

#Tang Hong Ming

I can't stop laughing when I watching this. Love it

#Here in My Home

No offense but I didn't know our malaysian Vjs, tv presenter, singers, etc etc can sing that well. Nice songs yet it still deliver its msg straight forward.



I cried (almost) when I watch this. Darling, I won't complain anymore even though you snore while I'm still awake. At least, I know you're still alive.

#Petronas TVS 2008

Rest in Peace, Yasmin Ahmad.

Nori Beef Rolls

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Usually, people use pork mince for rolls but I want try something new. I used beef instead of pork mince. I mixed it with water chestnut and carrot. Guess what?! My nori beef rolls turned out way too salty. Goodness :( I added way too much of salt. Seriously. I was so disappointed. but yeah... I try to be careful next time when I adding the salt.

Steam it for around 8 minutes. After that, slice it then pan fry each of them. I still got one whole plate left over. I guess I have to use this and make it to another dish. Nori beef rolls + white cabbage +soup. I think this way can take away the saltiness of the rolls. I'll try it tomorrow.

Teddy bears' post

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Before I jump to my comfy bed with my hugee comfy blanket, I would like to share the cards that I made just then and last night with my fellow readers. My progress on making cards are getting super slow after a long holiday. I was able to make 2-4 cards in an hour time but now no more. I think is because before a long break, I used to draw sketches to have an idea on how to do the cards. Without sketches, it really slow down my speed a lot. Anyway, these are three cute cards that I made with Taylor's Beary Special stamp set. It's a sweet thing to play with. My sister claimed these cards are too cute. ><>

missing some glitter. I'll apply once I able to get some glitter glue

A cute bear is inside a pinky bag

Do you guys like the outcome?
I spent quite a lot of time to decide which pattern paper to use, the layout..arghh. It's time for me to do sketches again before I start making it. Seriously, the speeed is sloooowing down a lot :( can't think. can't decide

Last minute added in the glitter flowers at the bottom of the bear. Or else, it will kinda empty

I think that's the update for cards. I made few but didnt manage to take photos of them before I sent it to friends. SOrry. I promise I'll try to update more on my blog. Good night for now on. Sweet dreams!

My second job in Sydney

Some of friends knew I'm working and they don't believe it. YES! I'm working at Mamak, Sydney and I'm enjoying it. The team who I'm working with are awesome and yet the food~ Ohhh.. SUH-WEEET! I've been working here as a waitress since May and my duties are take orders, clean the tables, deliver orders, etc. Not too bad. I still can handle it. Mamak was actually closed down for 3 weeks for renovation at end of June. It just reopened recently. In less than 3 weeks of reopen, you will be able to find people/ customers blog about Mamak and our foods. You can click here, here, here, here and here to read some reviews that found on the net. A MUST-GO's place if you like satays, roti canai (all sorts of roti), fried noodles, ais kacang, currys (chicken/fish/lamb/vegetables) and lots more. You can come with groups of friend and share the food, it's a nice place to hang out. Besides, you can also share the bill with your mates and yet you still get to taste different kind of foods. It's a pretty good deal.

I got both photos from
Chocolatesuze .

The queues if you come after 6pm ( I would recommend you come early before its open. Else, it's gonna take a quite a while to get seats)

Jason is flipping the roti :D He's one of our roti guy and he is nice person to work with

15 Goulburn Street Haymarket Sydney 2000 T: +612 9211 1668 F: +612 9211 1669

The Castle Boutique

Thursday, July 23, 2009
The Castle Boutique is Now Open!!

After months of preparation, now The Castle Boutique is officially open for customers to drop their order.

In 2008, my sister and I launched an online shop called ‘Miccyshop’ on Friendster. Sadly, we have decided to close the shop. However, have no worry because we are back with The Castle Boutique, a new online boutique we have created for girls who love fashion.

We have a passion for fashion in bargain prices. This online boutique can satiate your thirst for fashion and save you money. Our clothes imported from countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan and many more. All the clothes we sell are cheap and CHIC.

We will also be selling some of clothes at the The Castle Coffee House, the café our brother open in Miri, Malaysia. You can drop us an email:

Please show your support by grab our Shop's banner code, which locate at the right column and paste it at your blog or website. Really appreciate it. :))

Thank You

Sunday, July 19, 2009
Finally, one month holiday is about to finish. I just got back from Melbourne this afternoon. I went to baby-sitting my two very cutie nieces. They both are very smart girls.

From lest to right: Caris ( Younger) and Caelyn

Uni start tomorrow. Anyway, I'm going to post about the gifts that I receive for my 24th's birthday and some cards that I made during past few weeks.

Sweet gifts from Li-Ya and she made me a big birthday card too :)

Puzzle set and Guess's clutch from the boyfriend :))

Ear rings from mummy :D

More gifts from Marlene. Yes!! This time is a bit different because she designed two stamps for me. Show it to you guys next time. Hehehe

I didn't manage to do much cards this month. It's been a crazy month for me. The bf came to visit, Hillsong's conference right after the bf left, few days to rest, then flew down to Melbourne for a week. That's about it. I used quite a bit of button on these cards and I like the outcome.

I made these cards before I fly to Melbourne. I used the wrong paper from the front. Too light and that's why it's not very solid :(

Play around with the embossing

Wonderful One Week- Part 2

Monday, July 13, 2009
Here's the part II. Continue from the previous post, the next day, I brought darling to Zilver ( one of Sydney's yum cha place) to yum cha. Yes. I super like yum cha and the portion. Believe me. Grand Palace back at Miri can't compete. Darling said, 'Omg. I'm gonna miss the dim sum here when I go back Miri.' Haha :)

After yum cha, we walked around China town and bought some stuff and headed back home. I'm not feeling well that day (basically tired) and decided to go home early. I cooked dinner for the boys. That's basically this summed up the schedule for 1 July. Ha!

If not mistaken, I managed to bring darling to walk around to my uni when we got home and brought along my Bibi. She likes school. hehe

Yes. 2 July is my big day! I turned 24 and I received lots of present from friends and family. My brother who far at Dubai also called me and gave me his blessing. I thought he forgot about my birthday so I'm happy to receive his call. My dad. Funny. I had to call him and said, 'Pa, today is my birthday. How come you never call me?'. Haha.. but he did. It's just I slept early the night before, so Thanks, Pa. For the celebration, I invited my close friends to Pancakes on The Rock for dinner. Before dinner, darling and I went to watched Ice Age 3 in 3D. Not bad. Funny. :)

We got to wear the funny spec

Christie, Mabel and me

Brother and nephew

Thank you for taking time off to celebrate my birthday, girls. You girls are God's gift to me!!

The brother bought me this Mango cake. Nice! and thanks to the girls who made an effort to eat my cake even they were all full ( because I forced them to. lol..)

Make a wish (world peace?? lol)

Christie, Mabel, me (the b'day girl), Stephanie, Natalie and Fiona

Stephy bought me the fluffy teddy bear and pretty blue shirt. She asked me go and change. :) Christie and Mabel bought me some facial products. Thank you :)

After dinner, we all decided take a walk and took some photos.

me and my brother

YES! That's how I celebrated my 24. I'm happy. I will write a post about the present that I received from overseas. These present make me smile :))

Joe can't make it to join us for the dinner. So, the next day, he brought us to Fish Market and drove us around in the city and beaches.

First stop: Fish Market

Joe and Johnny

Second stop: Around city

One of the best pie shop at Sydney

One of the coolest hotel/apartment I ever seen

Darling found this name funny, 'Sian' ???

Third stop: Beaches

One of his friend, William, asked him that he must try this when he come to Sydney and he did. Deep fried Mars bar at one of the fish n' chip shop.

My personal advice is don't ever try this. This will definitely give you heart attack. The batter and the Mars bar inside. Goodness. The boys took out and battle and eat tiny bit of the Mars. They said they will not gonna eat this ever. Lol.

Ohh...took me half an hour ( or more) to write and upload photos. Finally. Anyway, I will write another post about my b'day present. Hehe..