Blueberry Crumb Cake

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Friends. If you like blueberry just like me, you must try this recipe. Believe me. It was so easy and if you're not fancy about sweet cake, I would suggest this ideal recipe and yet you get to eat lot of blueberry in here. At first, I thought it will be veryy sweet because of the brown sugar in the crumb. But it turned out just purrr-fect! :) I would reckon that the sweetness of the this cake is acceptable. So, you girls should get rock in your kitchen with this recipe.

This cake definitely is in my favourite's list now. It's quick and easy to bake. But..hmmm// it's seem like missing out something. Ah-Ha!

Creamy milk! Now, it's extra 'boom'. Yum! It's not in the ingredient list tho. My own personal preference. :p I used frozen blueberries instead of fresh. It costs cheaper and of course more convenient. Why not, aey?

Enjoy baking, ladies! Believe me! You gonna fall in love with this cake!


marlene said...

This looks good and i believe it tastes GREAT!! I think.. baking is my next hobby oh! I really wanna try... i think most of card makers bake cakes too :p i only know how to make cookies :( Ah.. i wanna bake cake!!!

Michelle T. said...

You should try to bake cakes. Cakes can share share with everyone. Hehe :) I always want to try something different/complicated, but it makes my life harder.. LOL. I should just try to stick with the simple plan.. hehe