Monday, March 30, 2009
Hillsong's Live Album Recording. Yes! Three of us went yesterday and believe it or not?! It was packed!!! Show you guys photos in a while.

"Each year our live album recording has served as an opportunity for our entire church to come together, sing a new song and express our worship to God as one. Creatively, our team always endeavours to bring our very best,but the intent has always been above all, to simply capture the heartbeat of our church as it resonates with the heart of God. In 2009 we're going all out, we're taking a new approach and it involves every one of us. It involves you! So get it in your spirit now to expect an encounter with our Creator and Saviour like we've never seen or experienced. Expect the unexpected and let's together believe that whatever gets captured will ultimately break down walls and breathe the light, love and freedom of Christ into people’s circumstances all over the earth." - Joel Houston

The team came out with new songs every year and it was great!! Love it heaps!

Can you see how many people???? : |

Besides, what's is Kilo of Kindness? Kilo of kindness is about coming together in worship AND at the same time be a blessing to people in our local community who are doing it a bit tough. Simply bring a kilo of non-perishable foods and the church will pack and distribute to people in need through Sydney. This is about practically bringing justice to our community. So, we ended up with lots of stuff to put inside the bag, eg. cornflakes, plain flour, pasta, baked beans, tuna, rice, can of corn, tea bags, vegemite, etc etc... Not bad aeyy :)

Something that we did during the recording night..

*Note: I tried to upload another video of us singing but the file is too big :( it takes me ages to upload it.

After that, we went to EAT!! Here some of the fooooods that we ordered after 2 hours of singing.

That's about it. We all had fun and learn new songs. How amazing is that? Everone traveled from across the countries to join this event.

Well... that's all about yesterday. For today, I just wanted to share with you what I cooked for tonight dinner. Hehe..nothing important tho.. teehee

my favouriteeeeee, 'mushrooom' :) i'm not too sure whether you guys know about this or not, but just to share with you guys. Whenever you try to stuff meats onto 'something', just try to apply good amount of cornflor onto the surface and make sure the surface is dry. After that, you still have to apply one thin coat of cornflor to the meat mixture before you fry it. That's the sercet- cornflor, to prevent the meat mixture separate from 'something'.

Last but not least, seaweed soup with tofu


Friday, March 27, 2009
.. I thought I lost my iphone again (the 3rd time) but at last I found it again. It's at my bag's side pocket. *what I couldn't find my phone yesterday and I thought I lost it AGAIN. Yes, again!! To be honest, I almost cry and thinking NOT AGAIN!! I lost my iphone once (well..twice..the second time, it's my mum found it in the toilet. -_-) when I'm back at Miri. LOL.. Lost and found- for three times!!!

Anyway, My bro, sister and I had sushi night last night. After that, I baked blackberry muffins *yum and I made two cards right after that. I think I started it late. I finished making my first card at 2a.m and since I'm not sleepy, I would make the second one. Sweet :)

the sushi

the blackberry muffin ( the top is a bit burn :( )

the first card that I made last night

Honestly, I'm a bit afraid with using the big chipboard butterfly on this and accidentally I stamped 'blessing' the other way round. It supposed facing outside but without clear block, here's the mistake. I should have wait for my clear block to arrive.

here's the second card that I finished at 4 a.m. :) love it ..

the finish products


Saturday, March 21, 2009
We had spring roll tonight. :)

the dog

the chef

the washboi.. hehe

the fruit

the meat for roll-roll


the way how my sister eat orangeee

Fun, is the word

Thursday, March 19, 2009
Morning, everyone!!! I just make a quick post about what I did last night. My very-first handmade card. I made two of them, small one. No large card at this moment since I'm scare to waste my paper. Next time... when I get more time to explore. One for my brother who far away from here, Dubai and the other one for mr.boyfriend. I enjoyed the whole process. It is very challenging on making decision, which colour, what style, etc etc. It's fun. So, here comes the small card that I made last night.

when the ribbon at the bottom

At first, I put the ribbon at the bottom and showed it to my brother and sister for opinion. Both of them said, 'it looks 'empty' '. Hmm...and I looked it. True. *think..think..think... Then, I tried to put it at the top. It looked much better now. Well.. at least it doesn't look 'empty' now. I think.. :p

when the ribbon at the top

Beside, we edited and ordered a book (made by Apple) with all their photos in and ready to be post. I also added a ribbon and a silver bucket on it. Hope they will like it. :)

the book and my small card

Besides that, I also made a card for mr.boyfriend after he sent me Mr. Zorro (donkey/cow) and a small notebook. When I open the box, my sister asked, 'Sis, why Johnny gave you a donkey?' 'I don't know.' Then when I saw him online, i asked him. At first, he laughhh. 'It's a COW. 'moo-mooo'. Arghhhh.. I see - It's a COW!!! lol... Anyway, I made him a 'Green and classic' kinda feel of card. It ready to be post as well.

Mr. Zorro with big eyes and big head

..and the card

At first, I tended to keep it square. After a while, I think maybe round one corner. hmm..maybe this side as well.. here..and here... Omg..At the end, I rounded every single corner. A very simple card.

I will make more and any suggestions or opinions are most welcome. I tend to keep this post short but failed because I have so many things to share with you guys. Oh well.. I hope you guys still enjoy reading this post. Off to shower now. You all have a lovely day and I'll be back soooon :)


What happen today

Monday, March 16, 2009
I got waken up by my newphew


' Xiao ching gugu, don't you have class at 10am?'

'yess. Why????'
'It's almost 9am'
=_= omggg, then I replied,
'OOOOO~' x

I guess the conversation above will repeat again and again on every Monday/Wednesday. My nephew came to my room this morning and knocked at my door, just to wake me up. He didn't know I'm a 'last-minute' person *blush. I usually set my alarm at 9.15am if I have 10am class. Shower for 5 mins, get change, drink a cup of orange juice (if enough time), walk for 15mins to uni and reach 5-10mins before lecture/tutorial start. Just because we both class start at 10am and he woke up before me. He will be my 'alarm clock' for now on. =_= how sweet he is~? huh'''' Oh well.

And I had lunch with brother and sister this afternoon. We all had satay rice for lunch. .

I got paper cut at my finger today. wth.. It's painnn even though it's small. I remember I got paper cut all over my body. Legs, hands, fingers..This was happen 6 years ago when I studied foundation year at RMIT. We been asked to make a 1:1 furniture model from cardboard. Seriously...the thick-brown paper cuts us more than the knife. It was funny that when I saw most of us had bandage all over our body. funny. It was a great memory though :) .

Anyway, I went to Eastgarden with brother after uni. We went to get a new vacuum cleaner and a shaver for pet grooming. I shaved Bibi this afternoon and.. because this was my first time and my unprofessional skill, she got few cuts at her body :/ sowiiiee, Bibi :P

Bibi with her red/pink hoodie and pinky bear blanket

For dinner, we ordered 3 large Domino's pizzas because lazy to cook tonight. After the dinner, I went to prepare meal for brother and nephew to bring for lunch tomorrow. Started 7.45pm- finished cleaning at 9pm. :) Now, updating my blog and heading to bed soon because 'aunty-visit' todayyy : /

I'm so excited I could cry

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Just 15 mins ago, a package arrived in the mail addressed to me. When I open the door, I saw a white parcel lay on the floor and I picked it up. I got a parcel from Beijing, China. From China?? I'm pretty sure that I didn't order anything from China. Who on earth is this?! Oh well...I love receiving packages particularly when they are unexpected. Upon closer inspection I saw this:

I was very excited and flipped the package over to tear it open when I saw this: Marlene from Beijing??! OMGGG... So I quickly ran to the room to get pen knife to open it!! I almost cryyy when I open it. Really!!!

2 stamp sets and a handmade card

... and a short message inside the card :)...sweet

I 'Lup' you, marlene!!! :D

Proverbs 31:30

Monday, March 9, 2009
Once in a blue moon!! I went to grab my bible when I got back home from uni this afternoon. I don't know why I choose Proverbs to read but when I reading through the passage, this particular scripture caught my attention.

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.
Proverbs 31:30

This is so true. amen.. I always believe that We, as women, fear in the lord is just the beginning of everything good in life..that is always the first step.
Women truly should be praised when they lead a holy life and especially when they live in the Fear of The Lord.

See how smart you are??

Below is a little bit of fun. I don’t have the answers, but if I find them, I’ll send them to you.

Probably you have to click at the image to enlarge it because it looks kinda small from here.

Good luck!!

There are more than 100 world known personalities on this painting. If you can name a minimum of 25, you may consider yourself a cultivated person, good luck.

I got about 30 person right (smart ler.. :p). How about you??

Things that happen back home

Thursday, March 5, 2009
I took quite a lot of photo while I was back at hometown, Miri, and see see look look here and there. 5 minutes....10 minutes...Too many photos!! I ended up pick some of my favourite photos. Here you are. Enjoy :)

Sunset at Esplanade

Us with the sunset

December Baby No. 1

Little Daniel also a 'December' Baby

My pet back home, Bobo

Childhood's friend: From Left to right: Regina, me, Grace. We were at Al Fresco to celebrate Gracey's bday (7th Feb)

Toby with his water bottle

I found this at HotCross Bun and I am excited how it taste like, and who knows, it's just taste like normal cheated by the cutie look :(

My very first face painting. 'Tiger' ..LOL..I did this when Crown Hui brought the kit over to my place and I just stared at the box. So, I looked at my brother and asked him, 'ko, can I try?'. Hehe.. errr...but the drawing.. FAIL :p

Handmade V-day's card for him and a photo of the couple :)

Teh tarik at Pelita

Last but not least,

Roti canai

Waking up with a headache

Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Recently, I woke up with a headache and it's killing me (been coughing and flu for almost a week now. Flu and cough causes the headache. Well..this is my own thougt.). As usual, I on my laptop when I woke up. So, I went to Google and type 'waking up with a headache' and I found this.


Do you wake up every morning with a headache? You’re not alone. A recent study says that 1 in 13 people do. The study showed that of the 7.6 % of people suffering from the headaches had endured them for four years. That’s a long time to be suffering! The highest incidence was in women and those aged 45 – 64.

There are many reasons why you could be waking up with a headache. Let’s take these one by one.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is the commonest cause of feeling sleepy during the day. It means that while you’re asleep, you stop breathing for a second or two. It sounds alarming but it is very common - around 18 million Americans suffer with it.

It can cause you to wake up with a headache, feeling as if you haven’t slept. It can also give you a dry throat. The other symptoms of sleep apnea are snoring loudly and waking up with a jump. People who suffer from this are not sleeping deeply and unfortunately, being deprived of sleep is another cause of headaches.

If you think you may suffer from this, see your Doctor. Evaluation in the form of a sleep study will decide how severe your condition is. The usual remedy is a CPAP machine with a mask that you wear while you sleep.

It’s a grind…

Many people grind their teeth during the night. If this becomes excessive, this causes the muscles of your neck and jaw to become tight and painful. This in turn means that you wake up with a headache. Happily, it is easy to remedy. See your Dentist who may fit you with a ‘nightguard’ – a simple, soft plastic appliance that sits comfortably in your mouth while you sleep and prevents grinding. These are also available to buy online.

Tossing and turning

A restless night can often mean a headache in the morning. Reasons for being restless vary. They can include all the reasons that we are dealing with and more. It becomes a case of remedying each possible reason in turn. Another possible cause is

Restless legs

A horrid sensation of having to move your legs. Many describe it as ‘insects crawling inside the leg’. Try cutting back on smoking, caffeine and alcohol. A hot bath before bed can help. Some people find benefit from hot or cold packs – try both to see what works for you. It may be worth seeing your doctor for supplements of iron and magnesium. If all else fails, the doctor may prescribe Ropinirole, which is mainly for Parkinson’s Disease but has been found to work well for restless legs.

Sleeping…or not sleeping…with a snorer

Continuous, thunderous snoring has driven the most patient and understanding of partners into the spare room. The non-snoring person can lose around 49 minutes of sleep each night, which adds up to 300 hours a year!

Why do they snore?

Snoring is actually the back of their throat vibrating because the muscles have become floppy.
It can be caused by:

  • Chronic allergies
  • Blocked-up nose
  • Resistance in the upper airway
  • Being overweight
  • Certain medicines

If any of these are the obvious reason for the problem, then they need dealing with.
If not, you can send them to see their dentist for a special gum shield, which can help to prevent snoring.

As soon as I lay down to sleep, I start worrying

This is extremely common. During the day, there is usually so much going on that it’s easy to push anything that is bothering you to one side. But as soon as you get into bed, those other stimuli are gone and so you start to worry.

Many people go through periods when this happens to them – especially in great times of stress. It may last for quite a long time and then gradually lessen. If it goes on for months and your sleeping is badly affected, you could be heading for depression. It’s worth a visit to your doctor who will be able to help you.


I think I'm stress about uni thing and that's why I didn't have a good sleep these days. Arghhh...uniiiiii suckss :P

New Destination

Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Hi people. Welcome to my new destination of blogging. Hi, my name is Michelle Teo. For those of you who don't know me.. I'm 24 this year. I'm the 3rd child in my family. Although i don't act like it, I'm actually the big sister to two lovely brother and sister. I'm easy going and someone who like to HIHIHAHA all the time. According to Mr. Boyfriend, at certain time, my fuse very short. (*really now??hmm..) Annywie, I fall in love with card making recently and started to buy all the stuff that I need. Crazzzyy. It's so addictive. Love to watch naruto, prefer 'pew pew' movie (refer to action movie), like to drink soup, drink sweet and sour stuff, looove green tea frap from starbucks.

I use to blog in can read more about me from here.

After neglecting my blogging life since Chinese new year, it's time for me to get back here and start writing bits and pieces about my life. I have been coughing terribly and sneezing crazily these two days. Getting better today. Thank God!! It's always good to have your siblings taking care of thing while you're sick.. teehee. My little bro started to learn how to peel apple skin and cooking. I'm so proud of him!!! Even though it's a simple job for me, but I know it's a big step for this macho man to do these thing. So, brother, you deserve a clap from me. :)

..I guess should stop here for first stop. I would love to hear from you guys.