Pulling out hair

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I have this weird habit. I'll put out those fizzy, wirely hair. I hate my original hair. Thick and twist. I don't know why, I just don't like my frizzy hair. :/ It's really thick and twist.

me ♥ peter alexander

My mum trained my sister and I get the habit of wearing pj to sleep when we only 9-10 years old. Since that, I can't go to bed before I change to pj. When I come over to Sydney to study, I discovered Peter Alexander. I love peter alexander. Why that? It because their sleepwear is sooo pretti and so comfortable to wear. Seriously. It's pretty. I just couldn't stop myself walk into their shop.

Here's my collection :)

I bought those two on the left, white flower and blue leapord's pattern yesterday. :) I just couldn't stop myself when I saw the big sign of SALES.

Short pant great for summer

For now, I have to wear long pant because of the cold weather. It's winter. Me love their very design and the quality. I bought my dad a short and mum a pj. They love it. Especially my mum. My sister also have their cute collection. Hehe.. sometimes, my sister said I'm just too over with getting pj. I'm not too sure how mnay set of pyjama I have now in my closet. I just.... couldn't stop buying pj.!! Love it! Love it!

How about you? Do you wear pj to sleep?

KW Color Challenge #53

Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Actually I created this card about two weeks ago and out of sudden, I realize that this card actually got all these colors for this challenge. How cool is that! So, I took the card out and re-touch a bit. Color the boy's shirt and girl's hair bow more yellow (was light yellow before this).

Before: This is how it looks like before I edit them

and... this is how it looks like now. I extended the false stitching. I don't know whether is a good decision or not :/

the 'long-leg' couple

Running out of brain juice

Monday, May 25, 2009
Like the title above. I made some cards few days ago and most yesterday. Seriously, no particular cards that I reallyyy fall in love with. :/ maybe one or two.

Made this last week. One word. Dislike. I guess more like I'm playing around. Probably I need to add some background image at the top and what? Any suggestion? I totally destroyed the pretty daisy. haha. I did some experiment at this card and obviously it failed badly.

Little 3x3" card. It looks like Japanese's kinda style. Do you think so? Or maybe not. Hehe

Believe it or not? I spent about 2-3 hours to finish this card. Arghh.. The reason for 2-3 hours was to cut all the leaves (wanted to cut 4..took way too long time.. ended up with two only) and flowers. I don't have the Big-Shot machine, then I have to cut it manually. Not fun at... ALL. Sometimes, just don't try to be too adventurous. Ha! I probably will add more leaves later on.

More cutting but I'm kinda like this cute owl with the party hat *hoot-hoot hooray!!

For this card, I punched all the pink circle and created a scallop border (unevenly tho :p)

again. Cutting! What's wrong with my head?! Never learn the lesson. I guess I'm just being too excited for cutting things. Rub-on letter for this.

Lots of question appeared in my head when I'm doing this card last night. Button or not button? Hole or not hole? MY hands were itchy. My plan for this card was suppose a simple card with ribbon, scallop and some rub-ons. That's it. BUT! Ha! I added false stitching, big red button and bits of holes. Do you think I should take the button off? *thinking.. too much?

I {heart} my family

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
God Made me Special!!

why?? Because....

God blessed me with a Wonderful Family

and I made this special prayer for my family.

'My Heavenly Father, I want to thank you for giving me such a wonderful family. I know that you love me and my family love me too. I know that it pleases you when I obey my parents and show them how much I love them. Please help me obey my parents everyday! The best part of all is that my family is part of Your family. Thank you for giving me a special family. And please bless them with your mighty hands. Give them more wisdom and faith in every single day. I love you Jesus! Amen.'

I know it's hard to say sorry when you know we tend to keep our face up when we involve in arguments. but hey, ask God give us wisdom and faith to be the first one to say 'Sorry'. Ask God to help us to get along with everyone. Be the first to say sorry after an argument. Show them you love them. My parents and siblings been so supportive and I know they always do. Even though there are a lot of arguments , hates, disappointment, but no one is perfect. We just have to learn to be more understanding, tolerance, patient and caring. I really thank God for giving me such a wonderful family.

I {heart} my family!!

Peace, people! Peace!

Happy Birthday

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
two us at Esplanade

Happy birthday, darling!! This entry is dedicated to you :) Anyway, I did manage to stay awake till 12 and sung a birthday song to you with my sleepy voice. It's good that celebrate your birthday without getting drunk. Peace!! hehe.. Anyway, thanks for being sweet, caring's boyfriend. You always tend to make me laugh when I'm down. Thanks for everything!! I wish I were back there to celebrate your 27th together-gether. :) Love you heaps xoxo

Assam Laksa + cards (again!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Yes. We had Assam Laksa in Sydney. Yes baby!!! Something sour and spicy are always good to have during cool weather. My sister had uploaded the photos, so just hoop over here to look at the photos. To cook Assam Laksa, there are a lot thing need to prepare before hand. You can tell from the photos.

Before and after the meal, I managed to do some cards. There are some mistakes, eg. wrong color, size ain't right, etc that I did at these few cards. Geezzz.. hope it won't affect your interest to my creativeness. Anyway, enjoy! I open up with any comments or suggestions. :)

close up

close up
I have to say that my embossing skill ain't that good yet :p

Anywiee~, enjoy and have a lovely day!! xoxo Lots of love from me!!

Cousin's Gathering + more cards

Sunday, May 10, 2009
I'm still thinking should I upload 100+ photos that we took during last weekend (cousin's graduation, dinner gathering, karaoke, Hunter Valley). Guess what! HA! I noticed my brother and sister uploaded most of the interesting photos of our cousin's gathering photos. Thanks, brother and sister! You can just hoop over to my broter and sisters' blog to look at all those interesting photos that we took. I'm sure we all had fun, although it's pretty tired. All good :) I just don't know how it gonna take to upload all those photos. I just don't think I have the patient to edit, patient to wait till it get upload, patient to arrange at the moment because of the flu. Arghh..it's just too much of work. :P Taking advantage here. Hehe

Anyway, I made more cards again today and also I made two for KW's color challenge #51. Hope you guys like it.

I made two cards at above for KW's color challenge

After submit my entry to KW's color challenge, I continued with making more cards :)

a bit blurry

'to you from me'

'thinking of you'

My brain just ain't working well because of flu :( The flu seem like affect a bit of my creativeness. argghh.. Please forgive me. *sob

KW Color Challenge #51

Another KW's color challenge. I did struggle a bit with the color combination + my design. I'm not saying that I dislike the color, I love it, is just too many ideas running in my head. I got stuck at the end. Anyway, I did try my best and still managed to come out with two different designs. Enjoy!

First's card

Close up (embossed the flowers with clear embossing powder)

Second's card

Any comments are much appreciated. :)

Raspberry Suite Color Challenge #4

Friday, May 1, 2009
My first Dawn's color challenge. This card was suppose be in portrait layout but space limited. So, I think think think... walaaa~ I decided to turn it over and used this little cute owl's stamp for this card. Cute! The color for this challenge is brown, soft aqua and white. So, I couldn't really color the leaves there.

Nicholas ( Basil& Katty's new born baby) came into my mind

To be honest, I almost color the leaves with green. *Pheww.. and it will look funny if I color the leaves in blue. So at the end, I decided to leave them alone. Probably it looks a bit plain. Hmmm..what do you think?? Still, hope you all like it :)