Tuesday, September 1, 2009
I wanted to update my blog last night but came back home late. So, I missed it. Sorry guys. For last week, it wasn't a good week for me. I got cough and flu. After that, diarrhea for few days. Then, it's my luck or what. Yesterday, when I woke up, I felt areas like my neck, part of my body were itchy. Not till super itchy yet. So, I just ignored it. After shower, went to work. Sadly, it got more serious till afternoon. During lunch break, I got rashes around my face, neck and body. Even my co-workers also noticed it during work. So, I decided go to pharmacy and got some pills for allergy. I'm not too sure what is the cause, maybe the food? Luckily, all the rashes gone later the night.

Anyway, as usual, I made 4 cards from different suppliers. I wonder should I list down all the materials that I use for each cards? Suggestion?

First card that I made was especially for baby boy. I was so 'blue' during past few days. I guess maybe I'm gonna be aunt for my incoming nephew. We're all excited for his arrival. Can't wait to see him. Maybe I should cut the middle part shorter aey?

Second card is very obvious. It's a Christmas's card. 'Let it snow'. This time I colored Mr. Snowman very gently, tried not to touch the outline. Not too bad. I would say it's better than previous one. I made a hat for him too. :)

Third card also very obvious. It's for baby girl. Pinky pinky. I'm still practicing to tie a good bow. Sorry for the ugly bow on the card.

The last card that i made during the night. I stamped the images from two different stamp sets and embossed 'cherish' with Zing! white embossing powder. I have to say that I had some trouble when I do this card. My plan was to round all the corner before I glue them altogether- which I forgot. So, I teared the red bit and white bit gently, to reduce the damage of the paper.


marlene said...

Yes, you should :D and this is call "Recipe" :) nice cards... as usual :D I love the snow-y card leh :D Hope it snows in Miri... :(