Canberra's Trip 19-20/9/2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Last minute decision. At first, I asked my mum (before she come to Sydney) whether she want to go to Canberra for Floriade. During Spring season, we have this festival, Floriade, over Canberra. She was worried about H1N1, so she said No at first. Ha! However, when she flew over, she just can't resist to say No to field of flowers. So, I rented a car and booked accommodation at very last minute. At first, we wanted to take the tour bus but is just too rush. I suggested that why not we rent a car, then I drive. We can set our own departure's time and drive around Canberra's city. Easier and convenient for us to drive to different locations.

Meantime, enjoy with the photos that we took during our -2 days 1 night- Canberra's trip. Believe me. It's worth to visit Canberra during spring season if you're a 'flower' person who just like my Mum. She said hooow she wish she could move all the flowers back to Malaysia. She wish.. Haha.. :)

We were on time for a florist arrangement class :) My mum's favorite.

After the florist arrangement's class, I found out that we have cupcake's deco right after that. very first experience on making fondant cupcake :))

my first fondant cupcake and flower.. Hehe. I always wanted to make fondant cake. I'm so glad that we came to Floriade.

Click at: Day 1, Day 2 for more photos over Facebook


liya said...

looks like u really enjoyed urself:)

Michelle T. said...

hey li-ya, I definitely did. Have to thank my mum for her 'last-minute' decision tho. hehe :)