I'm back!

Sunday, August 23, 2009
.... to make cards

Haha... anyway, after weeks of resting, now finally sat down and start making cards. My skills are a bit rusting and sorry for the poor lighting of the photos. I managed to make 5 cards before I get too tired. hehe..

Baby card. There's a moment that I think I put too much of moons on it :/ what do you guys think?

You're sweet - I reckon this card is great for family or friends

Thanks - a 3"x 3" greeting card

Love & Hi - I realize I only have clear button in the size that I want. Therefore, I decided to embossed it with white embossing powder.
a close up

Merry & Bright - My first Christmas's card

The snowman is smudged because I watercolor it :( I didn't use watercolor proof ink for the snowman. So when I color it with my blender pen, it smudgeeee :(

Last but not least, a photo of cupcakes that I bought from Cupcakes on Pitt few days ago. The price is reasonable but I wish they could come out with more flavor for the cupcakes. I guess they are popular because of its decorations. This is my own opinion tho. :)


marlene said...

I love your christmas card and the Love & Hi card!

Michelle T. said...

thank you thank you!! Some of friends also like the Love & Hi one too!!