A book

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I went to the city with my mum and sister yesterday. We walked around in the city after lunch and after a while, I asked my mum whether she want to go in to Dymocks since we have nothing to do. So, we went to Dymocks at Martin Place. I think we spent about one and half hours in there. My mum enjoyed herself at the hobby/craft section where she found books about floristy (flower arrangement). She loves it! but when she saw the price, she put it back. I knew she want that book. Then I told her that I use my pay to buy it for her as a gift. Then, she gave me the BIG smile. haha.. Meanwhile, I also walked around in the bookstore. I went to craft/hobby, self-motivation, craft/stationary section. Oh man!! I knew I will have a hard time to decide which book and craft supply to buy. I wish I could get them all back home with me :( At the end, I picked this self-motivation book called 'Change Your Thinking'. This book mainly help you (or me) to change your perspective of whole issue when you depress or during hard situation.

I had a great time hanging out with my mum and sister :)