Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Muffins? Pancakes? ...or should I call these cute things... Puffins!! I went to gym with my family just now. After that, we went to Coles which just near by for small grocery shopping. I found a 12-holes muffin pancake pan. So cute!! So when I get back home, I straight away started making these cute puffins. Any better name for them? My mum said 'I want fruit favors'. Why not? I modified the ingredients. I made 3 favors. Blueberry + macadamia nuts, raspberry and chocolote chip.

For the chocolate chip's one, to be honest, I think I put slightly too much of chocolate chip in it. :P

fresh from the oven.. yum!

from left to right: raspberry, chocolate chip and blueberry's favor

I made 24 of them. The blueberry is my mum's flavorite. My sister they all claimed the raspberry is a bit sour. Then I suggested them why not we put a bit of maple syrup on them. It's Yuuuu-umm!!


One more thing: Now only left 6 pieces.


||αн yuиɢ || said...

[ michelle ]

waoo ! haha ! left 6 pcs ?? omgg .. Aunty dun eat too much , left one gib ahyung ??!!! lolx !! sot jor me ! hahah

liya said...

looks yummmyy

Michelle T. said...

thanks :)) I got the recipe from Bakerella but modified it. Hehe