More gifts, more cards

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
A surprise gift from Marlene again. Am I lucky or what? Hehe... Many thanks to her. My mum just arrived yesterday and she passed me the parcel that Marlene pass it to her. I'm like..Wheee.. another parcel. I'm so happy when I open up the parcel. At first,

... I'm wondering -- how am I suppose to open this!. This crazy woman sewed all the borders. How? Haha.. I have to admit that she is a very creative person. I tried to tear from the top, but failed. Then, I had no choice but cutting it. :p

Guess what is inside??!

A greeting card and gifts from her. She told me that she got this while she still at Shanghai and it's hard to get all these pretty thing-y! Goodness. It's soooo pretty! I better use it wisely.

During that night, I decided to create some cards with the new gifts.

This is the first card that I created last night. I used the flower that I got it from Marlene and I added the brad from SU!. I'm not too sure whether this is the best outcome or what. Probably I should add a bit more of the pearl adhesive. Too pinky or what?

A lot of cutting in this star card. I cut out all the star shape from card stocks and inking and stamping the sentiment. I also submitted the this card to a challenge.

and this is the third card that I created the next day (this morning??) At first, I tried to add a green grosgrain ribbon, then I changed my mind. Instead of ribbon, I used olive green card stock. Therefore, the plan of the card changed at the end. Hope you guys like it.

I think this is for today. I'll update more tomorrow. Off to bed now. Good night...


marlene said...

Beautiful cards! nicely done!

||αн yuиɢ || said...

ellox .. hahah ! here i come to gib u a coment ! :D hope u dun mind too^^

lolx .. you and shih fu keep send present come and go with lots suprise!! waoo .. hahah !

jiayou in ur cards making ^^ haha !!

[ ahyung ]

Michelle T. said...

@marlene: thank you :) but all the final result isn't what I plan at first tho. Haha

@ah yung: thank you for dropping by :) You also jia you at study and good luck for everything!

||αн yuиɢ || said...

[ michelle ]

haha , yeapp !! everythings at here not bad =) !! thanks for it hoho !!