Verry productive nights

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Just because I wanted to make jelly from egg shells, my mum been cooking fried rice with eggs, sandwiches with eggs for past few days. We managed to saved about 14 egg shells in 3 days. Last night, after diner, I made the jelly from jelly flakes (I just noticed I didn't have the agar-agar powder/ jelly powder at home :/) Seriously, it took so long for the jelly flakes to dissolve. I can't wait any longer. I think I started mix the food coloring when the flakes only dissolved around 70%. LOL..

I'm pretty sure I made 3 different colors and I tried to find the green one but fail. Haha.. //Memory lost.

Here's the red one... :) After this, I decided to make some cards. So, I went straight to my craft area and start digging out all my supplies and decide which design/theme should I do tonight.

I made this card two night ago. A special request from my friend. A birthday card with '25' on.

A close up- Milk brown chipboard letter sticker for the '25'

This is the second card that I made two nights ago. Three little cute owl. I colored their scraft with blender pen.

I made the following cards last night after the jelly's session.
I stamped the background and again, colored with blender pen.

a close up

A feminine color combination card

Faux stitching around the border and added on chipboard letters- 'hi'

Last but not least, a baby boy's card. I'm a sucker at cutting letters. So, please forgive me for the doggy edges of the letters. :p

I inked the craft card stock with brown ink because I running out of brown card stock. So, I thought it will work that way. Apparently not. Geez..

a close up

Okay.Okay. I think it's enough for today. Haha.. have to go prepare tonight dinner. More cards update coming soon. Might do some cards after dinner. Wheeee


marlene said...

WOW~ These are lovely! You are so inspired nowadays hor~

sharon said...

the egg jellies are so cute! I would love to try doing it if i know how. You're talented :)

liya said...

you've come such a looong way in card making:) so good:) I remember u calling me a few years ago..and now you're way more pro than me! heehee.

continue having fun:)

Michelle T. said...

thanks girlfriends :) I really appreciated for the compliments and comments.

@Marlene: I have to thanks those people around me who inspire me everyday.

@Sharon: It's easy but it would be much more easier if you able to find egg mold instead of saving the egg shells. hehe

@Li-Ya: Have to thank you to, Li-Ya. You're one of those ppl who inspire me in arts. Really appreciate!!