Wonderful One Week- Part 1

Monday, July 6, 2009
It's a week that I truly enjoy myself throughout the week. I had wonderful week with the boyfriend and friends. The boyfriend just left and flew back to Miri. I was a cry baby after he entered the custom gate. Geeezz.. but I really thankful that I celebrated my birthday with my family, boyfriend and group of friends. I love them all. We took a lot of photo and I guess I have divide it into few posts to finish it. The boyfriend always love to watch movies and food, of course. So, during his stay at Sydney, we watched all the latest movies, Terminator (he insisted want to watch this at night even though he only touched down in the morning), Transformer (at IMAX, my first time too! Darling was very amazed with the big screen in there), Ice Age (in 3D). Other than movies, we went yum chaaa all the way. Ha! Eat non stop seriously.

Sushi after movie

The boys

Darling enjoyed the sushi (I was straving before this, so I ate like a monster. *shy)

After first day, I brought the boys to bondi to have some yum cha session and my bro did a little shopping too :)
We waited for almost one hour at outside :/ almost give up because everyone are starving and started to protest

Boyfriend likes this graffiti wall

Scary weather

The next day, I brought darling to Ichiban Bohsi, located at Town Hall to try with their dishes.

I ordered this and darling regrets that he didn't ordered this. hehe

One of my fav~ Gyoza (fried dumplings)

We were so full after this. So we decided to walk around at QVB (actually I already planned this way ahead. haha) and of course, took lots of photo in there.

the extension side of top floor

Darling was waaay too excited when he saw this letter which written by the Queen. Appreantly this letter only allow to open in 2085. Hmmm... I'm wonder what the Queen hide behind this?

big kid playing with the toy... lol

Cholaaatt~ yum yum

Apple store. Darling was amazed (again!) when he saw this glassy building- Apple Store, with pack with people even though it's already 5pm.

the staircase inside Apple store

After walk around at Apple store, it's time for us to walk to Darling Habour because we're going to watch Transformer at IMAX with friends.
Quick snap at Darling Habour before go to IMAX

Darling got pumped when he reach here :))

Yes! We have to queue up for the movie. Darling says, 'this is so not going happen back at Miri. LOL'. He was shocked when the girl told us that we better queue up A.S.A.P because.... it's FREE sitting. What?! but yeah.. we listened to her, joined the queue yet waiting for our friends to arrive. I'm glad that we went there early. It's a looooooong queue. Phew! After this, bunch of us went to Hurricane's Grill at Darling Habour. It's my darling first try Sydney's famous grill ribs. Tumbs up from him!! Sad that my camera was playing up (basically the camera ran out of batt at very bad timing) when we get there. So no photos of the ribs!

Anyway, my lovely readers, I should stop now. I'll continue tomorrow or day later for more photos and stories to share with. I have to go get shower and wake up early tomorrow morning because need to catch a train to Olympic Park for Hillsong Conference. The reason why I have to go so early because I'm volunteering and we have a meeting in the morning and get ready to start all the craziness with the young kids in the afternoon. Yes! Pray Lord that give us the energy and wisdom and strong body to serve and praise the Lord! Amen!

Night night, people!!


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