Wonderful One Week- Part 2

Monday, July 13, 2009
Here's the part II. Continue from the previous post, the next day, I brought darling to Zilver ( one of Sydney's yum cha place) to yum cha. Yes. I super like yum cha and the portion. Believe me. Grand Palace back at Miri can't compete. Darling said, 'Omg. I'm gonna miss the dim sum here when I go back Miri.' Haha :)

After yum cha, we walked around China town and bought some stuff and headed back home. I'm not feeling well that day (basically tired) and decided to go home early. I cooked dinner for the boys. That's basically this summed up the schedule for 1 July. Ha!

If not mistaken, I managed to bring darling to walk around to my uni when we got home and brought along my Bibi. She likes school. hehe

Yes. 2 July is my big day! I turned 24 and I received lots of present from friends and family. My brother who far at Dubai also called me and gave me his blessing. I thought he forgot about my birthday so I'm happy to receive his call. My dad. Funny. I had to call him and said, 'Pa, today is my birthday. How come you never call me?'. Haha.. but he did. It's just I slept early the night before, so Thanks, Pa. For the celebration, I invited my close friends to Pancakes on The Rock for dinner. Before dinner, darling and I went to watched Ice Age 3 in 3D. Not bad. Funny. :)

We got to wear the funny spec

Christie, Mabel and me

Brother and nephew

Thank you for taking time off to celebrate my birthday, girls. You girls are God's gift to me!!

The brother bought me this Mango cake. Nice! and thanks to the girls who made an effort to eat my cake even they were all full ( because I forced them to. lol..)

Make a wish (world peace?? lol)

Christie, Mabel, me (the b'day girl), Stephanie, Natalie and Fiona

Stephy bought me the fluffy teddy bear and pretty blue shirt. She asked me go and change. :) Christie and Mabel bought me some facial products. Thank you :)

After dinner, we all decided take a walk and took some photos.

me and my brother

YES! That's how I celebrated my 24. I'm happy. I will write a post about the present that I received from overseas. These present make me smile :))

Joe can't make it to join us for the dinner. So, the next day, he brought us to Fish Market and drove us around in the city and beaches.

First stop: Fish Market

Joe and Johnny

Second stop: Around city

One of the best pie shop at Sydney

One of the coolest hotel/apartment I ever seen

Darling found this name funny, 'Sian' ???

Third stop: Beaches

One of his friend, William, asked him that he must try this when he come to Sydney and he did. Deep fried Mars bar at one of the fish n' chip shop.

My personal advice is don't ever try this. This will definitely give you heart attack. The batter and the Mars bar inside. Goodness. The boys took out and battle and eat tiny bit of the Mars. They said they will not gonna eat this ever. Lol.

Ohh...took me half an hour ( or more) to write and upload photos. Finally. Anyway, I will write another post about my b'day present. Hehe..


liya said...

the food looks so good!

Michelle T. said...

Yes, LiYa!! Come and visit whenever you're free!! :)