Things that color my day

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Many thanks to Marlene, who gave me colorful brads, buttons and ribbons. She has been so nice to me and also other cardmakers. She told me last week that she going to give me 'the thing' and said will pass it to my bf who is going to visit me. Then, i got all excited and can't want to see it. The first thing that i asked from the boyfriend when he got here few days ago was 'darling, where's the present that Marlene pass it to you huh?? Quick!' *waiting impatiently. My reaction was like a kid who got their christmas's present. I can't wait to play with all these colorful cutie things. :))

Thank you Marlene!!


marlene said...

Woohoo :D You are most welcome :) In fact... i should pass him your birthday card as well. So your birthday card.. will be posted tomorrow :p So sure be late :p

Gambate for your exam! I am praying for you :)

Michelle T. said...

hey marlene. Don't worry. I think i'll check my mailbox everyday. I'm having long holiday atm and no more exams since last week. Thank you very much for the gifts :D