Thank You

Sunday, July 19, 2009
Finally, one month holiday is about to finish. I just got back from Melbourne this afternoon. I went to baby-sitting my two very cutie nieces. They both are very smart girls.

From lest to right: Caris ( Younger) and Caelyn

Uni start tomorrow. Anyway, I'm going to post about the gifts that I receive for my 24th's birthday and some cards that I made during past few weeks.

Sweet gifts from Li-Ya and she made me a big birthday card too :)

Puzzle set and Guess's clutch from the boyfriend :))

Ear rings from mummy :D

More gifts from Marlene. Yes!! This time is a bit different because she designed two stamps for me. Show it to you guys next time. Hehehe

I didn't manage to do much cards this month. It's been a crazy month for me. The bf came to visit, Hillsong's conference right after the bf left, few days to rest, then flew down to Melbourne for a week. That's about it. I used quite a bit of button on these cards and I like the outcome.

I made these cards before I fly to Melbourne. I used the wrong paper from the front. Too light and that's why it's not very solid :(

Play around with the embossing


marlene said...

very nice cards :) n from the gifts,... I know U r really loved by many friends n family loh :)

marlene said...

and actually hor.... I posted you a birthday card :) Hopefully it reached you liao lah :p

Michelle T. said...

hey marlene. YES! about the birthday card, i got it about two weeks ago. Alamak. So sorry that I didnt tell you. I was busy and forgot it. So sorry. It's lovely, and LOVE IT!!!