Teddy bears' post

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Before I jump to my comfy bed with my hugee comfy blanket, I would like to share the cards that I made just then and last night with my fellow readers. My progress on making cards are getting super slow after a long holiday. I was able to make 2-4 cards in an hour time but now no more. I think is because before a long break, I used to draw sketches to have an idea on how to do the cards. Without sketches, it really slow down my speed a lot. Anyway, these are three cute cards that I made with Taylor's Beary Special stamp set. It's a sweet thing to play with. My sister claimed these cards are too cute. ><>

missing some glitter. I'll apply once I able to get some glitter glue

A cute bear is inside a pinky bag

Do you guys like the outcome?
I spent quite a lot of time to decide which pattern paper to use, the layout..arghh. It's time for me to do sketches again before I start making it. Seriously, the speeed is sloooowing down a lot :( can't think. can't decide

Last minute added in the glitter flowers at the bottom of the bear. Or else, it will kinda empty

I think that's the update for cards. I made few but didnt manage to take photos of them before I sent it to friends. SOrry. I promise I'll try to update more on my blog. Good night for now on. Sweet dreams!


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Shera said...

these are so sweet. i'm slow too .. :P jia you!

marlene said...

I love all the bears!!!! These are very very sweet! I LOVE THIS!!!

marlene said...

michelle ah michelle... you left a message in my blog saying my things arrived. Adui.. how should i pay you? can i pay to your brother? Wow Wow Wow! i will have White craft to play with now :) THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!