What happen today

Monday, March 16, 2009
I got waken up by my newphew


' Xiao ching gugu, don't you have class at 10am?'

'yess. Why????'
'It's almost 9am'
=_= omggg, then I replied,
'OOOOO~' x

I guess the conversation above will repeat again and again on every Monday/Wednesday. My nephew came to my room this morning and knocked at my door, just to wake me up. He didn't know I'm a 'last-minute' person *blush. I usually set my alarm at 9.15am if I have 10am class. Shower for 5 mins, get change, drink a cup of orange juice (if enough time), walk for 15mins to uni and reach 5-10mins before lecture/tutorial start. Just because we both class start at 10am and he woke up before me. He will be my 'alarm clock' for now on. =_= how sweet he is~? huh'''' Oh well.

And I had lunch with brother and sister this afternoon. We all had satay rice for lunch. .

I got paper cut at my finger today. wth.. It's painnn even though it's small. I remember I got paper cut all over my body. Legs, hands, fingers..This was happen 6 years ago when I studied foundation year at RMIT. We been asked to make a 1:1 furniture model from cardboard. Seriously...the thick-brown paper cuts us more than the knife. It was funny that when I saw most of us had bandage all over our body. funny. It was a great memory though :) .

Anyway, I went to Eastgarden with brother after uni. We went to get a new vacuum cleaner and a shaver for pet grooming. I shaved Bibi this afternoon and.. because this was my first time and my unprofessional skill, she got few cuts at her body :/ sowiiiee, Bibi :P

Bibi with her red/pink hoodie and pinky bear blanket

For dinner, we ordered 3 large Domino's pizzas because lazy to cook tonight. After the dinner, I went to prepare meal for brother and nephew to bring for lunch tomorrow. Started 7.45pm- finished cleaning at 9pm. :) Now, updating my blog and heading to bed soon because 'aunty-visit' todayyy : /


marlene said...

aunty visit :p funny one :)
Wow, you are a good sister - taking care of your siblings :)

Michelle T. said...

yeah. the period thing is pain in the arse. :/ *sob
How are you, sifu? doing fine over there? :)

marlene said...

is struggling. life is not that easy @ shanghai. Will have to talk to my Boss this week or next week - face to face :) Pray that I will have wisdom throughout the conversation with him ya :) I scare he asked me to stay again :( I wanna "leave peacefully" :)