I'm so excited I could cry

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Just 15 mins ago, a package arrived in the mail addressed to me. When I open the door, I saw a white parcel lay on the floor and I picked it up. I got a parcel from Beijing, China. From China?? I'm pretty sure that I didn't order anything from China. Who on earth is this?! Oh well...I love receiving packages particularly when they are unexpected. Upon closer inspection I saw this:

I was very excited and flipped the package over to tear it open when I saw this: Marlene from Beijing??! OMGGG... So I quickly ran to the room to get pen knife to open it!! I almost cryyy when I open it. Really!!!

2 stamp sets and a handmade card

... and a short message inside the card :)...sweet

I 'Lup' you, marlene!!! :D


marlene said...

Enjoy stamping :)

marlene said...

Hello, did you play with your toys? :) I am going to use this set of stamps to make a card tonight :) Gip me your email address - and i will send you a sample of how people use these stamps to make cards :) for inspiration ma~

Michelle T. said...

sifuuuu, i'm just about to leave comment at your blog there!! is smallskirt85@gmail.com :D.. i'm still waiting for my thingsss to arrive..so i haven't start making any cards yet :( no ink pad, no cards

Michelle T. said...

oh yesss... i wanted to buy ribbons too. and i google and research..so many colours and diffrent types of ribbon. How ar? I don't know where to buy and which to buy?? Any suggestions?

marlene said...

ribbon - can be very plain and simple. normally i will buy grosgrain and satin ribbon in plain colour or the most with pokka dots :) size: really depends on your favorite loh :) i use 5/8" - which is my favorite size.

i am getting ribbons from my supplier in China - at very reasonable price. So... if you go back miri, i can share some with you :) Meanwhile, don't spend too much in ribbon loh :)

when you get addicted - you will spend a lot ... a lot! Good luck