Monday, March 30, 2009
Hillsong's Live Album Recording. Yes! Three of us went yesterday and believe it or not?! It was packed!!! Show you guys photos in a while.

"Each year our live album recording has served as an opportunity for our entire church to come together, sing a new song and express our worship to God as one. Creatively, our team always endeavours to bring our very best,but the intent has always been above all, to simply capture the heartbeat of our church as it resonates with the heart of God. In 2009 we're going all out, we're taking a new approach and it involves every one of us. It involves you! So get it in your spirit now to expect an encounter with our Creator and Saviour like we've never seen or experienced. Expect the unexpected and let's together believe that whatever gets captured will ultimately break down walls and breathe the light, love and freedom of Christ into people’s circumstances all over the earth." - Joel Houston

The team came out with new songs every year and it was great!! Love it heaps!

Can you see how many people???? : |

Besides, what's is Kilo of Kindness? Kilo of kindness is about coming together in worship AND at the same time be a blessing to people in our local community who are doing it a bit tough. Simply bring a kilo of non-perishable foods and the church will pack and distribute to people in need through Sydney. This is about practically bringing justice to our community. So, we ended up with lots of stuff to put inside the bag, eg. cornflakes, plain flour, pasta, baked beans, tuna, rice, can of corn, tea bags, vegemite, etc etc... Not bad aeyy :)

Something that we did during the recording night..

*Note: I tried to upload another video of us singing but the file is too big :( it takes me ages to upload it.

After that, we went to EAT!! Here some of the fooooods that we ordered after 2 hours of singing.

That's about it. We all had fun and learn new songs. How amazing is that? Everone traveled from across the countries to join this event.

Well... that's all about yesterday. For today, I just wanted to share with you what I cooked for tonight dinner. Hehe..nothing important tho.. teehee

my favouriteeeeee, 'mushrooom' :) i'm not too sure whether you guys know about this or not, but just to share with you guys. Whenever you try to stuff meats onto 'something', just try to apply good amount of cornflor onto the surface and make sure the surface is dry. After that, you still have to apply one thin coat of cornflor to the meat mixture before you fry it. That's the sercet- cornflor, to prevent the meat mixture separate from 'something'.

Last but not least, seaweed soup with tofu


Oscar W said...

wow!!! wat a crowd!!! the hillsong in london don't even have a place tat big and dun even have tat much ppl...oz's songs are much better too...

Michelle T. said...

haha... this is not the exact church place. We had it at entertainment center, that why's it can fit these much ppl. Hehe

Oscar W said...

the one in london is also using a theater but still not as big as tat...urs is like an olympic stadium!!!