Fun, is the word

Thursday, March 19, 2009
Morning, everyone!!! I just make a quick post about what I did last night. My very-first handmade card. I made two of them, small one. No large card at this moment since I'm scare to waste my paper. Next time... when I get more time to explore. One for my brother who far away from here, Dubai and the other one for mr.boyfriend. I enjoyed the whole process. It is very challenging on making decision, which colour, what style, etc etc. It's fun. So, here comes the small card that I made last night.

when the ribbon at the bottom

At first, I put the ribbon at the bottom and showed it to my brother and sister for opinion. Both of them said, 'it looks 'empty' '. Hmm...and I looked it. True. *think..think..think... Then, I tried to put it at the top. It looked much better now. Well.. at least it doesn't look 'empty' now. I think.. :p

when the ribbon at the top

Beside, we edited and ordered a book (made by Apple) with all their photos in and ready to be post. I also added a ribbon and a silver bucket on it. Hope they will like it. :)

the book and my small card

Besides that, I also made a card for mr.boyfriend after he sent me Mr. Zorro (donkey/cow) and a small notebook. When I open the box, my sister asked, 'Sis, why Johnny gave you a donkey?' 'I don't know.' Then when I saw him online, i asked him. At first, he laughhh. 'It's a COW. 'moo-mooo'. Arghhhh.. I see - It's a COW!!! lol... Anyway, I made him a 'Green and classic' kinda feel of card. It ready to be post as well.

Mr. Zorro with big eyes and big head

..and the card

At first, I tended to keep it square. After a while, I think maybe round one corner. hmm..maybe this side as well.. here..and here... Omg..At the end, I rounded every single corner. A very simple card.

I will make more and any suggestions or opinions are most welcome. I tend to keep this post short but failed because I have so many things to share with you guys. Oh well.. I hope you guys still enjoy reading this post. Off to shower now. You all have a lovely day and I'll be back soooon :)



marlene said...

WOW! Nice cards! Good job!

Michelle T. said...

hi sifu, I don't know whyy- but I'm happy that you read my post!! Thanks. Any suggestions are most welcome!! :)

marlene said...

i actually like the card you made for your BF. Simple and elegant and nice colours combination.

you will be addicted to card making if more people tell you how your cards impact them! :)

Spread the love! Spread the love!
I believe more ppl read your blog de... just the dont leave comment only ma! :) Me.. kepoh sikit :p so always leave comment.. because.. 凡走过必留下痕迹 :)


Michelle T. said...

Thank you for your compliment! Card making will be my another passion. I'll try to make more when I'm free. Once again, thank you very much :)

Shera said...

wow... these are very nice! are you sure this is ur first time? haha. I like the one for your brother. sharp colors, simple, elegant. :)

Michelle T. said...

hey shera, thank you!! yeahh.. this is my very first time doing card. I still have to learn from you girls, more pro 1

Shera said...

haha... don worry... you get the hang of it in no time. And like Marlene says, you'll get addicted. Hahaha. Welcome to the club ^^