Things that happen back home

Thursday, March 5, 2009
I took quite a lot of photo while I was back at hometown, Miri, and see see look look here and there. 5 minutes....10 minutes...Too many photos!! I ended up pick some of my favourite photos. Here you are. Enjoy :)

Sunset at Esplanade

Us with the sunset

December Baby No. 1

Little Daniel also a 'December' Baby

My pet back home, Bobo

Childhood's friend: From Left to right: Regina, me, Grace. We were at Al Fresco to celebrate Gracey's bday (7th Feb)

Toby with his water bottle

I found this at HotCross Bun and I am excited how it taste like, and who knows, it's just taste like normal cheated by the cutie look :(

My very first face painting. 'Tiger' ..LOL..I did this when Crown Hui brought the kit over to my place and I just stared at the box. So, I looked at my brother and asked him, 'ko, can I try?'. Hehe.. errr...but the drawing.. FAIL :p

Handmade V-day's card for him and a photo of the couple :)

Teh tarik at Pelita

Last but not least,

Roti canai


marlene said...

The face painting looks ok what! Aiya.. you should join the team that day!

Michelle T. said...

Haha...I wish I could, marlene. You know what happen back then. Oh well..harap harap my brother get another projects for me to join..Wheeee :D

marlene said...

Can lah! Better than my 1st "master piece" :) Well, it was a great day! :) Nice meeting you in Miri too, Michelle :)

liya said...

looked like u had heaps of fun in miri:) too bad didnt get to meet u...I didnt even realise u were at the wedding dinner until i saw the pics. But i remember seeing u in the ceremony:) thanks for coming:)