Raspberry Suite Color Challenge #4

Friday, May 1, 2009
My first Dawn's color challenge. This card was suppose be in portrait layout but space limited. So, I think think think... walaaa~ I decided to turn it over and used this little cute owl's stamp for this card. Cute! The color for this challenge is brown, soft aqua and white. So, I couldn't really color the leaves there.

Nicholas ( Basil& Katty's new born baby) came into my mind

To be honest, I almost color the leaves with green. *Pheww.. and it will look funny if I color the leaves in blue. So at the end, I decided to leave them alone. Probably it looks a bit plain. Hmmm..what do you think?? Still, hope you all like it :)


Oscar W said...

wah...u reli accepting the challenges reli well...good job...this owl looks cuter than the previous one...leaving the leaves alone oso good decision...the fonts matches the style too...is the owl having a 3d effect? i'm not sure...hehe

Terri E. said...

Love your cute owls and fun stiching. Fabulous job on the color challenge.

It's a good life!
Terri E.

~kelly marie~ said...

cute card! i love the owls!

Michelle T. said...

Oscar: Thanks :) The tree and the font came in same set. That's why..teehee. and the owl is Pop UP'!

Terri & Kelly: Thanks for dropping by, ladies :)

Ange Kelly said...

Super cute card!

Amy said...

Those owls are so cute! I like how you accented the sentiment with the blue ink. Great work!

** Snow in my Heart, Only U can Bright up My L|fe** said...

It's really...cute...^-^
I think jus leave the leaves alone, juz leave it plain which is perfect i think if u colour it in green mayb become a bit contrast
Show more of ur fabulous works ok
I'll be waiting for it :)

marlene said...

wow wow wow

marlene said...

oh ya... brown is my favorite color :) I always love things in brown.. So your card is one of my favorite now~ :) Nice Nice Nice :)