me ♥ peter alexander

Saturday, May 30, 2009
My mum trained my sister and I get the habit of wearing pj to sleep when we only 9-10 years old. Since that, I can't go to bed before I change to pj. When I come over to Sydney to study, I discovered Peter Alexander. I love peter alexander. Why that? It because their sleepwear is sooo pretti and so comfortable to wear. Seriously. It's pretty. I just couldn't stop myself walk into their shop.

Here's my collection :)

I bought those two on the left, white flower and blue leapord's pattern yesterday. :) I just couldn't stop myself when I saw the big sign of SALES.

Short pant great for summer

For now, I have to wear long pant because of the cold weather. It's winter. Me love their very design and the quality. I bought my dad a short and mum a pj. They love it. Especially my mum. My sister also have their cute collection. Hehe.. sometimes, my sister said I'm just too over with getting pj. I'm not too sure how mnay set of pyjama I have now in my closet. I just.... couldn't stop buying pj.!! Love it! Love it!

How about you? Do you wear pj to sleep?


sharon said...

Hmm..I don't know who Peter Alexander is. But I like Victoria Secret's PJ. I don't have a habit of wearing PJ though. hehe