I {heart} my family

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
God Made me Special!!

why?? Because....

God blessed me with a Wonderful Family

and I made this special prayer for my family.

'My Heavenly Father, I want to thank you for giving me such a wonderful family. I know that you love me and my family love me too. I know that it pleases you when I obey my parents and show them how much I love them. Please help me obey my parents everyday! The best part of all is that my family is part of Your family. Thank you for giving me a special family. And please bless them with your mighty hands. Give them more wisdom and faith in every single day. I love you Jesus! Amen.'

I know it's hard to say sorry when you know we tend to keep our face up when we involve in arguments. but hey, ask God give us wisdom and faith to be the first one to say 'Sorry'. Ask God to help us to get along with everyone. Be the first to say sorry after an argument. Show them you love them. My parents and siblings been so supportive and I know they always do. Even though there are a lot of arguments , hates, disappointment, but no one is perfect. We just have to learn to be more understanding, tolerance, patient and caring. I really thank God for giving me such a wonderful family.

I {heart} my family!!

Peace, people! Peace!


marlene said...

Every time i see someone pray for their family, my tears will drop. :p I know i am too S :p but... prayer should be the 1st thing we do when there is argument or when there is need. Thanks for sharing your prayer. God will pour His blessings to your family KAO KAO :) Of course mine too lah :p

your cards are lovely leh.... Wa.. realised you have lots of new toys :)

Michelle T. said...

I understand how you felt. I just felt that i need to pray for everyone. God blessed everyone of us with different personalities and yet it'll be a challenge for us. Tears drop when you heard your loves one argue, fight with each others. There are nothing much we can do but I just pray to God that He can help us to get through the hard time.

Other than that, yeah..I got few new toys but sayang that busy with uni lately. Didn't really play with them. Will do during this weekend. Hopefully we all can swap our works one day. Exchange ideas. :)

Jungle Boi said...

i heart u too... if heart means love la...mana tau it means hate

Michelle T. said...

yes, brother. Heart means loveee~. Me {heart} you too!! :)

Jungle Boi said...

i heart u back...hahhaha