Running out of brain juice

Monday, May 25, 2009
Like the title above. I made some cards few days ago and most yesterday. Seriously, no particular cards that I reallyyy fall in love with. :/ maybe one or two.

Made this last week. One word. Dislike. I guess more like I'm playing around. Probably I need to add some background image at the top and what? Any suggestion? I totally destroyed the pretty daisy. haha. I did some experiment at this card and obviously it failed badly.

Little 3x3" card. It looks like Japanese's kinda style. Do you think so? Or maybe not. Hehe

Believe it or not? I spent about 2-3 hours to finish this card. Arghh.. The reason for 2-3 hours was to cut all the leaves (wanted to cut 4..took way too long time.. ended up with two only) and flowers. I don't have the Big-Shot machine, then I have to cut it manually. Not fun at... ALL. Sometimes, just don't try to be too adventurous. Ha! I probably will add more leaves later on.

More cutting but I'm kinda like this cute owl with the party hat *hoot-hoot hooray!!

For this card, I punched all the pink circle and created a scallop border (unevenly tho :p)

again. Cutting! What's wrong with my head?! Never learn the lesson. I guess I'm just being too excited for cutting things. Rub-on letter for this.

Lots of question appeared in my head when I'm doing this card last night. Button or not button? Hole or not hole? MY hands were itchy. My plan for this card was suppose a simple card with ribbon, scallop and some rub-ons. That's it. BUT! Ha! I added false stitching, big red button and bits of holes. Do you think I should take the button off? *thinking.. too much?


marlene said...

OMG, your cards.... i XIAN MU leh

Michelle T. said...

thank you :) I 'xian mu' urs too. So pretty!!