Assam Laksa + cards (again!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Yes. We had Assam Laksa in Sydney. Yes baby!!! Something sour and spicy are always good to have during cool weather. My sister had uploaded the photos, so just hoop over here to look at the photos. To cook Assam Laksa, there are a lot thing need to prepare before hand. You can tell from the photos.

Before and after the meal, I managed to do some cards. There are some mistakes, eg. wrong color, size ain't right, etc that I did at these few cards. Geezzz.. hope it won't affect your interest to my creativeness. Anyway, enjoy! I open up with any comments or suggestions. :)

close up

close up
I have to say that my embossing skill ain't that good yet :p

Anywiee~, enjoy and have a lovely day!! xoxo Lots of love from me!!


marlene said...

WOW~ FILIFUL~ (my language that means beautiful)

Michelle T. said...

thank you thank you :)

Sl3epYbOnG said...


Michelle T. said...

阿钧,这是你第一次留message给我!开心 :)