Sis's 21st birthday

Sunday, April 19, 2009
Sis had her 21st birthday yesterday. We went to an European restaurant, La Boheme. It's locate at Balmain. Nice place and nice food with reasonable price. We took lots of photo over there and I believe my sister already posted up at her blog. So, just hoop over here to have a look at those photos. :) Btw, three of us made our very own design card for sis. You also can find it over my sister's blog.

Anywiee, i just add something else other than food for her 21st'. Yes! We went to watch Monster vs. Aliens on Thursday's night! In 3D!! Yess! I enjoyed it. It's funny.

waiting outside the cinema before the movie start
(sis with her new Prada sunnie)

before wearing the 3D movie google

I'm the only one who have to wear two spec. funny look

at the bus stop..

Happy 21st birthday, Sister!!! :)


xIaÕ^Ĥüī said...

Thank you (: love you long time ago.And looking forward for our Brisbane trip ey!*mwahhss*