Brownie. Easter.

Monday, April 13, 2009
I think this is going to be a long post with lots of photo and card to show you guys. Start for last week, when I finish my last class at uni last Thursday, YES, Baby!! It's Easter!! A week holiday for us! So, my sister, bro and I decided go Bondi to do some shopping after Friday's Easter service at church. After we finish the service, we all excited going to Bondi. So, we took train from the central straight to Bondi's Westfield shopping center and this is my brother's first train ride at Sydney. So, all good.

BUT.. when we reach there, I had a bad feeling when I see not much people at the train station. As we walk out from the train station, this is really bad. Bondi's Westfield shopping centre is usually pack with people but I didn't see the Peooplee!! So, I guessed proably few stores in the shopping centre didn't open, that's why. Who knowss~ it was the WHOLE shopping centre.*crap... I hate this!! We all planned what to get from there and IT CLOSED during Easter's Friday. Geez.. I should know this (that ang mo usually close their shop during public holiday) after staying at Australia for about 6 years now. Oh well.. we kinda disappointed at the end and walked around for 5 minutes and none of the stores open. SO, we headed back home.

During that night, my sister told me, "Sis, we have to get back to Westfield tomorrow!! Must!". OK! SO, off to go Bondi again on the next day. YAY!! It's opened! haha..and it was packed with people. After finish lunch at food court, I decided head straight to craft store, and sister, brother went to shopping at Myres (sis's fav).
BIG Ferrero Rocher's Easter Egg at Westfield's shopping center. Pretty~

I couldn't believe I spent 1 1/2 hours at Eckersley's till my sister called me, "Sis, almost 4.30pm. We have to catch our bus''. I managed get some stamps and gel pen from there. Happy me :)!! For the past few days, I made some cards. There are 1 and 2 particular that I like. Others? It's not that I don't like them, but is just either I made some mistake and it's just ain't right.. Hmmm. Show you guys what I came out with. Rubs-on, embossing and buttons.

From last week. I made some changes and I seriously don't know whether is good or bad

'Wonderfully You'
Chocolate chip ribbon with green scallop border

Played around with stamp. Brown cardstock
More brown

Brown again

Does this card look empty for you?

Cute card with smiling sunflowers. I should some dimensionals behind the white cardstock which I didn't. So, basically it's kinda flat. At the end, I added some dimensionals at button.

A very simple one

Bright green card stock with new flower clear stamp which got it from Eckersley's. Love it

How about this? I rounded one the top's corner.

On Sunday, we went to Sydney Entertainment Center for Hillsong's very first 'Art From The Heart' and followed up by a celebration service with powerful praise and worship. We got to watch the top 5 film nominates. Click here to watch more short films and here for gallery for artworks. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Once you're done watching, please cast your vote at the bottom of the page. 'Immolation by Glenn Stewart' is my favourite. So, I voted for Glenn Stewart. My top choice among all 5 top films. We got to watch another touching film during the service, it's a film between a father and a son. Very touching one. I wanted to vote that but I guess it's kinda long (the original is 33 minutes but edited to become 8-12 minutes film (didn't really know notice how long the film is)) and they didn't put it into vote list. Anyhow, I ( actually my brother) took some photos during the service and some art pieces at the gallery. And videos! Yay! It tooks about 40 minutes to an hour just to upload 1 video. Enjoy!! :)

Last but not least, a photo of 'Us'. hehe


Shera said...

wa.......... i love the ali edward stamps!!... so so so nice~~~ (of course your cards also nice la.. heehhe :P)I was hunting for the stamps but unfortunately out of stock :( haiz... sooo disappointed.

Michelle T. said...'s hot stuff hey. :) Lucky me.. If I spot any availability of the stamp set, will let you know.

marlene said...

Wa.... you are more inspired @ Australia leh :) I think i will buy more stamps thats non SU since i will not have any "free shipment" to malaysia soon :( Thank God for internet :D

Nice card michelle. Continue the great job! Your cards will definitely blessings to so many ppl out there :) It could be a tool of outreach :)

Shera said...

knock knock... I've got something for you in my blog.. check it out~~ :)

Agnes Sim said...

wow..lot of nice card here. ;-)

Michelle T. said...

Thanks for dropping by, Agnes!! :)

Oscar W said...

ur cards are great!!! the one u said u r unsure of...maybe it cud do wif the vertical black ribbon only? or different colour? i'm not sure. the card where u said it looks empty...i think its great, minimalist and simple...i like it. the brown card stock with stamps, the card captioned 'brown again'and the card with the flower stamp r the best.

Jungle Boi said...

marlene say how come i never leave any msg in ur blog.

cuz i say u make nice card and never send to me...hahahaha...all for ur boyfriend only....

wei...not bad la ur card...make some for mama la...

keep up ur good work

Michelle T. said...

wuuhuu, big brother Finally leave me a message. Haha.. I will send soon. Try to keep it first and 'siok' sendiri for a while.. Hehe