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Friday, April 17, 2009
All I can say is I have fun making cards. Besides, others also joined me tonight. The boys wanted to make card for my sister's birthday (tomorrow!!). So, I taught them from the very beginning to the end. Seriously, now I know how Marlene felt when she teach those CH's monyet or beginner like me to make cards. Haha..take times but I had fun. It's funny to see how badly they want to finish making the card when they just start making 10-15 minutes ago. They found it's very troublesome. Haha...Anyway, they managed to finish it before 12 midnight and ready to give to sister. I made one for my sister too. I'll post all the cards that we did for sis's 21st after we celebrate her birthday tomorrow. Besides, I also made more cards during past few days. Check this out-

Mad about You

Little Red Riding Hood (3 x 3'')

Thank God

Thanks (3 x 3'')


A close up for Princess

Thank You

Greatest Joy

*Notes: I made 'Thank You' and 'Greatest Joy' for
Two Peas- A Year in Cards (April) with Kristina Werner's sketch.

Loving Life


Shera said...

wa... u improving very fast leh ^^ and i see some new stuffs.. hehehe...keep it going :) jia u

marlene said...

you will in love in sharing this passion with others :) keep up the good work!

Oscar W said...

wah...seriously...those high end cardmakers got some serious competitor coming up...jeng jeng...hehe

Michelle T. said...

Shera, Marlene: thanks. You notice that? haha..yeah..some new stuff. More coming in. Definitely will keep making cards. New passion. Hehe

Oscar: I took that as compliment, dude. LOL.. I still have long way to go :) Thanks for the support!