Restless nights

Friday, April 24, 2009

becauseee- few days ago, I finished assignments at very last minute, but I managed to hand it in *phew
Oh well... after handed in assignments on Tuesday, I'm wait for Thursday to arrive. Thursday's night is the the night that I can make cards till early morning since I don't have to go uni on Friday :) I made few 3x3" cards few days ago and some from last night. Some of them are where I'm stuck and it didn't end well.*dang

Sis is making card for mum

this is her finish product

I'm stuck half way while making this card


like this, very lady feel

Rub-on's frog

I embossed the base, played around. be honest, I don't know whether I like this or not

lots of loveee :)

'Thank ewel'- Is the sheep's head too pop? Or I just pop the wrong part?

Last but not least, I made this 3x3'' {I stink you're sweet} last night. Cute??

I'm thinking to make baby card for cousin, Basil and Katty's newborn baby boy, Nicholas, who just arrived few days ago. Congratulation, Basil & Katty!! :)


Oscar W said...

awesome!!! this time ur cards are sooooooooo cute!!! hehe...the sheep looks alright...

marlene said...

Wow! How you manage to make so many cards at a night? + all are so beautiful and perfectly done! :)

Michelle T. said...

Oscar: thank you :)

marlene: ehh.. i thought you went to yunan ler... most of them are 3x3, so basically are pretty easy. two nights tho, I did the last three yesterday and others are few days ago.

Jungle Boi said...

i like ur card. but also make sure ur priority is right ok..

rushing assignments? thought u have plenty of time to make cards??

balance..balance...make sure ur money spent on tools har..u dont want to stay there for another 2 yrs ok....

but yes i like ur card

Michelle T. said...

I knew Big Brother gonna say something. Thanks for likey my cards and second, it means i mostly gonna spend less with clothing, etc. Third, I'll balance my time with cards and uni work. Like you said, I don't stay for another two years. :)