Just loving it

Friday, April 16, 2010
Edited: Ok. I listen to my brother's advice. I cut off the little red tail for my second card


Please forgive me with my poor photo taking's skill. I just had a long day today. I was planning to make some cards tonight but obviously it failed [eyes can barely open]

Anyway, I would love to update my deadly blog with two cards that I made last week.

1st card:

I used 2-way glue pen to add some bling effect on those clouds

2nd card:

I stamped the dress at pattern paper and cut it out. For the ribbon, I used double side tape to hold the ribbon and stapled both ends

A close up of this card and a little bling at this card as well

That's all for now and I think my brain ain't working anymore. So I better leave it here and definitely will come back soon with something new to share.