Fame and famous

Saturday, April 17, 2010
Always keep me smiling when I look at those photos. I never expect that I would meet up any famous blogger or neither do any celebrity. I'm beyond excited....

When I went to Taste of Sydney last month with my sister, I met Jared Ingersoll [over joy]. Hello?? It's Jared Ingersoll who I always adore his cooking. I often see him appear at Ready Steady Cook and never ever will expect to get to meet him in person. So, I asked for his permission whether I can take photo with him. And he said 'Yes' without any second thought. Here's the photo that I took with Jared.

He also owned a restaurant named Danks Street Deport, Waterloo. I never been there before but I will, soon.

Please ingore my 'flying' hair in it [::haha] Blame the wind and my sister didn't manage to get any nice one.

I've been reading and following her craft blog for almost a year now. Her works always amazed me all the time. One day, she announced that she will travel all the from the State to Australia. Sydney is one of the lucky place she and her lovely husband, Bart will stop by for few days. And the exciting part was she organized a casual gathering at Starbucks to meet us. Now, I'm very.. I mean I REALLY excited to meet her and also other crafters.

She is Dawn, a lovely lady/ senior designer for PaperTreyInk. I didn't manage to get any closer photo with her and luckily I brought along my Polaroid with me and I asked her to kindly sign for me. Meanwhile, I also let other girls share the fun with taking Polaroid with her as well since I've some spare film with me.

How awesome is that. I'm truly blessed to have the chance to meet up these talented people with different talent.


Sue W said...

Hi chelle,
look at you meeting up with the rich and famous!!!
It was great to meet you that night at Starbucks along with Dawn, Robyn,Michelle, Marie-Claude . I hope we get the chase to meet again. Sue W

Michelle T. said...

hi Sue,
Hope everything is going well with you. It was definitely an awesome gathering with you all and I hope we all will get to meet up one day again. Love, M.

BeautifulMess said...

I randomly came to your blog via Kristinas blog and was wondering what knd of camera u used to take the pix that you put into that journal at the end of this post.