when we were young

Sunday, August 9, 2009
My cousin, Ling Hui, just created a short video clip by putting all the old photos together. You all get to see how we used to look like with our nerd glasses, 90's hair style when we were young. It's kinda funny when you realize how 'pretty' when you wearing high waist jeans and funky hair style. haha.. just briefly introduce some of the actors and actresses in the video. The old lovely lady is my mum's mum (my granny who passed away few years ago), my lovely aunt (she always treat us like her own... that's why we all love her so much), my pretty mum (she look so hot! in her 70's dress.. haha), my siblings, mother's side cousins, Xiao Hui, Kat, Ling Hui, Quan, Kim, Moi moi, Lyshia, Sun fung, lots more. I used to be a tom-boyish kinda girl. My hair never have the chance to grow until shoulder. I always go to salon near by my house and asked the hair stylist, 'Please. Cut my hair'. Now, no more. I keep my hair long. Anyway, enjoy the video with my nerdy look in it which I never expose to the public before. hehe


marlene said...

Thanks for sharing! This is a GOOD ONE! :D

Michelle T. said...

HAHAHA. My cousin created this video. You get to see our 'budak' look. Hehhe