Friday, August 7, 2009
Yay! Finally. I had my front light installed today. After all these year, I decided to take down the old and rusty light and replace with a new one. I went to the near-by light shop to pick the new light and through the shop owner, met a nice electrician. After a short conversation, Ha! we found out that we actually live at the same street. We're neighbour!! Haha :) Sweet!! So, I pretty much got a good deal from him. I picked an old fashion yet classy design of light.

Beside that, I also replace the kitchen's light. Nothing fancy, just a normal one. So, I didn't took photo of it. hehe.. Now, the kitchen is more bright and easier to find the switch. We used to use those extension light ( you call it) and normally our guests couldn't figure out where is the switch.