Final year

Monday, June 1, 2009
I'm gonna finishing the university this year (pray hard!!). To be honest, I failed exams before. I won't deny about that. I can't let myself fail any this year. Big NO for that. I feel scare that I won't be graduate next year 2010.

I have
been feeling upset, unmotivated, shameful, sad, angry, jealous lately. I get so stress when everyone start asking me 'When are you graduating?'. Sick of it but I, just couldn't wait to finish the university. I have enough. I wonder is this how final year look like? Pile up with assignments and the stress is just overwhelming. I need know consciously what i should do, but the stress is taking over my confidence. I am doubting myself. I am jealous of my course mates who really do well in assignments.

Still, I manage to find few good friends at very last minute this semester (with smart brain... lol) to work with and they're willing to help me. I really appreciate it. I felt God must be heard my prayer and He sent a team of soldier to help me. Thank you. I guess I just have to learn be more organize and motivate.


Sh@z said...

Dear, don't forget that there's another team of soldier in Miri to pray for u and waiting for u too!

marlene said...


Michelle T. said...

I always think that serve God is to serve others (Matthew 25:45) which you all done it beautifully. I'm looking forward to spread God's love with you all back there. :) wait for me!!