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Monday, June 15, 2009
I finally got the chances to sit in my craft room and create lovely cards again. :D I haven't touch my babies for weeks. So, after I handed in my last two assignment during last Friday, I felt so gooood!! I started make cards again (yayy!) on Saturday and Sunday (Friday-basically no more energy left for me to do cards after stay awake for whole night doing the disgusting research proposal). It's good to sit there for hours and try to create something interesting. I made a list of people that I wish to make card for them. I haven't finish making cards yet. This is what I done so far. I haven't blog about my cards for so long. So, here's the update.

for Lu Zhou's staff member (给绿洲同工)not too sure whether it's a appropriate card to give, but hope uncle Lucas they all will like it. :D

for Baby Arelia :) My cousin who I haven't really meet ( i think) before just gave birth to a baby girl, named Arelia Teo Nguyen at Perth. Congratulation!!

for brother's new open coffee house- The Castle Coffee House .The coffee house is located at opposite SMK Chung Hua, Miri, above Seng Seng's Cafe. For those who at Miri, it's a good place to hang out. So, do bring along friends and family to visit. Btw, at first, I still worry that whether I will be disqualify for KW's Color Challenge #54 because I'm using Kristina's May VCC template. When I check her website again, the link closed. O h well .. next time

Who wish to claim this card? :)

Happy Papa's Day card for my papa. :) I'm not too sure whether my dad gonna like this or not. My sister said it's more like for kiddo. LOL.

for friend back at Miri

more daddy's card

After I ink the chipboard letters, I embossed the letter with clear embossing powder for the glossy look.

I personally don't really like the outcome for this card. Maybe I choose the wrong color for the base :/

Last but not least,

Cricket green's embossed butterflies with 'Thanks'


marlene said...

Wa... your cards are really really nice leh! Open a shop and sell!

Sh@z said...

You are doing great! More professional now! =) Keep UP the good work gal!

Shera said...

nice works!! awesome~~~~ yaya... can open shop and sell... ^^

Michelle T. said...

HAHA... hey Shera, i'm just waiting for you and Marlene to open shop together-gether.

Oscar W said...

Fantastic!!! these cards r better than before..maybe bcos of the brighter colours...haha..oh ya, Nikon D60 is a great choice...i using it happily for a few months now..:)