I'm at the Top 13!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
The internet back home is playing up lately. So, I have to come to uni to do work and surf internet. Before start do my report, as usual. I read blogs, check news, fb (40 minutes gone :p). I checked up with Kristina's blog (my fav!!) and she finally did the round up for KW's Color Challenge #53. I'm in the Top Thirteen!! I can't believe I'm in top thirteen! :D I'm here to share the glory with you all (even tho there're no present involve)!! Yay! My card is at the second row, the 4th card from the left. Please click the links above to check out others amazing work. They're awesome too!


marlene said...

Din see you online just now and wanna inform you this too! mana tahu you already know! Yippee! Congrats! :D

Michelle T. said...

Haha... thank you thank you!! I was shocked when I see my card in there. My eyes big big O_o just now. LOL.

Shera said...

wa........... congrats!!!! ^^

王子与公主咖啡屋 said...

good work young lady.

i yet to collect the parcel tomorrow

looking forward to the CD


Oscar W said...

Congrats!!! wah...after not coming to ur blog for a few months, ur 'career' reli shooting up like the star...hahaha...keep it up!